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Numbers Game: Don't Judge A Dish By Its Name

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:44pm
Recent studies by Brian Wansink of Cornell University's Applied Economics and Management Department and Pierre Chandon of the European Institute for Business Administration found that, on average, people underestimate the caloric content of "healthy sounding" dishes (like a grilled chicken salad, pictured right) at chain restaurants (and most dishes at "healthy sounding" restaurants) by _________ percent.

a) 16

b) 31

c) 7.5

d) 20

Leave your guess in the "comments" section and come back on Saturday for the answer.

PS: Test your own calorie-guessing skills with Wise Geek's 200 calorie challenge .

They selected a wide variety of foods and show you what 200 calories of each one looks like. Be sure to click on each one to see what a 200-calorie serving looks like on a dinner plate.

It's a very well-done project, mainly because all foods are compared on an even playing field (each one is photographed on a universal plate/bowl). Prepare to be surprised!

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