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Nourishing Touch - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Posted Dec 07 2010 10:49pm
Last week I was assisting with a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy training here in Vancouver BC. The tutor for this block was Steve Haines, this was my first time meeting him. He teaches in London and Switzerland as well as on the Body Intelligence courses which happen all over the world. It is really great getting a different teacher, and finding out how they do things. Steve Haines style is very verbal as well as very open and precise. I found it rather challenging, to be honest, because being verbal is probably the area that I have the most trouble with. I like to be quiet and just listen to the client’s system.

When I stopped and thought about it during the training this week, I realised that every time I had a really powerful session where a lot of trauma was released, it was often sparked by a little comment made at the right moment by the practitioner. Steve also did a wonderful thing for me, right in the first couple hours of the training. He was giving a demonstration to the class, using me as the client, and in doing so he noticed that my left leg was disassociated from my body. Interestingly this is the leg that I smashed up in the bike accident that finally spurred me into doing the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training in the first place.

Just a short basic phrase, like “How do you feel in your body right now?” is so helpful in a session, bringing the client back into the sensation of the body and present. One of my favorite points that Steve stressed a few times over the five days, was that we need our bodies to show us how to heal. We evolved to overcome trauma, so we all have the ability to do so, it is part of our genetic make-up. For us to heal, the healing needs to go all the way to the physiology to change. We can’t do it by going deeper into the ego, we cant do it by thinking our way out of it and we can’t do it by going deeper into an emotion. For the change to be permanent the very tissues of our body need to release the trauma and to re-integrate into the flow of the whole body. 

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