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Not So Fast

Posted Jan 06 2010 6:38pm

Tonight I had my hopes set on a fast and easy dinner. I was ready to slice up a Kabocha squash that I found recently (at a store, not in my closet or something) but after it’s photo shoot on the cutting board, I flipped it over to find mold growing on the bottom and a bunch of soft spots on it too.


Well alrighty then. I had a few choice words for this Kabocha squash, chucked it into the compost and moved onto the next orange fleshed vegetable on my shelves.

Well Fine Then

OK, still going for fast and easy here – tonight seemed like a good night to give my new mandolin a try and make real sweet potato fries.


Now, please note that I said this mandolin is NEW. I’ve never used this vegetable slicing contraption before. Why I thought this would fit into my “fast and easy” plans for dinner is beyond me. I didn’t bother to read the directions (somewhere my mother is groaning at me!) because that would take too long. I’ll figure it out, let’s just jump right in and get this done, OK?

After my first few attempts at slicing this sweet potato, I now had a few choice words for the potato and the mandolin too. It kept getting jammed, I kept worrying about my fingers being the next thing to be mandolined (not a word), the slices I was getting were way too short. Eventually though, it started to come together and we worked it out. By the time I got to the second potato, I was feeling like an old mandolin pro.

Look ma! Real fries!


Onto a coconut oil greased cookie sheet and into the oven at 375.

Real Fries

Fries getting their bake on, I got started making my favorite fast black bean burgers with my favorite BBQ sauce.

Bone Suckin' Sauce

Seriously, this stuff is the best, even if the name wouldn’t lead you believe it’s vegetarian.

My fast and easy fries were taking their dang sweet time at 375, and after about a half hour I kicked it up 50 degrees and at 425 the sweet potatoes finally took the hint that I was expecting them to cook.

An hour later, fast and easy dinner was finally served.


To be enjoyed with the landslide of magazines I picked up at the old house yesterday.

With Mags

One for the breadwinner too, whenever he gets home from winning bread.

For the Bread Winner

Seems like my post is trying to take after dinner tonight.

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