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Not-Shocking News of the Day: Americans Don't Eat Veggies

Posted Sep 28 2010 5:46am

A recent NYT article, Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries , tells us something we already know: Americans don’t eat enough veggies.

Don’t get me wrong: Produce isn’t a panacea. It can’t guarantee you weight loss or health. But it can definitely do a lot for anyone’s nutrition and general wellness. So why do Americans eschew veggies? A few reasons given in the article:

  • They taste bad.
  • We’re intimidated by cooking them.
  • They’re not convenient.
  • They’re not as readily available. 

My responses?

  • If you think veggies taste bad, you haven’t had them prepared well.
  • If you’re intimidated by cooking them, you haven’t really tried (or read my blog!). Find tons of easy veggie recipes in my Recipe Index .
  • Baby carrot producers are packaging them like chips and installing carrot vending machines in schools. No excuses!

  • You may have to seek them out, but it’s really not too difficult to find restaurants that sell veggie-rich dishes!

Have you been avoiding veggies? What are your excuses? Are you willing to make a commitment to eating more? Unlike processed food, which is largely composed of the same two ingredients (corn and soy), veggies can add variety, texture, and flavor to a limitless number of dishes.

No excuses, guys. Just eat your veggies.

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