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Not going to happen

Posted by sheryl w.

So I am already not alcohol free. I had a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend. Nevermind, I won't be hard on myself, just keep it in moderation. You never know what will happen in January!
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It looks like it's only been a week, but if I'm wrong, my mistake, very sorry. Don't give up just yet if it's something you want to do for yourself. The most important thing you need to consider when setting a goal, I think, is why you are doing it-why are you wanting to stay alcohol free? Whatever the reason....keep it in mind and realize that if it's important to you, you should give it another try.
If you are trying to cut out alcohol altogether, either for the chemical effects or for the carbs, I would suggest going to restaurants that don't have a liquor license. Otherwise, they make so much profit off booze sales, they will put appetizing descriptions of their wines, as well as suggest pairings with your food, which as you know, can be too tempting.
If you want to give up such a wonderful pleasure of life, at least wait until January! There is way too much temptation at the holidays! Good luck!
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