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Not Everyone Has to avoid fat.

Posted by Rebecca S.

You know those obnoxious people who always seem to eat whatever they want without getting fat? I just read this recent study: Even though 13 is not traditionally a lucky number- researchers have discovered that for a lucky 13% of the population eating fat doesn't translate into weight gain. For example, "lucky" variant gene (known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNP) carriers don't have to worry about whether they get their calories from a piece of cheesecake or whole wheat bread, at least not in terms of weight gain... The study goes on about how for 13% of the population eating fat is no different than eating anything else. I'm one of the these "lucky" people, but anyone can still gain weight if they eat enough calories. I eat lots of fat, and my poor husband eats the same as me and has weight issues. I just wanted to post this to share that diet isn't everything, and we still don't know a lot about why some people gain or lose weight easier than others. I'm going to be more understanding about my husband, because he doesn't weigh more than me because he's a "slob" or a "pig". We eat the same things, but we have different genes! We can't judge each other, but its interesting and exciting that science is starting to unravel the mystery!
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