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Nontraditional: Asian Food and Pizza

Posted Aug 13 2012 12:00am

We were going to go to the new Trader Joes today, but it was MOBBED.

kabocha (!!!!!), pandan extract, Kabocha cookies (!?), green tea, sweet potato


Pandan smells heavenly.

I had bought some of this for myself whilst in London but somehow it disappeared on me…

awesome much?

Mom pointed these out to me and I’d grabbed them giddly from her and stuck them in the cart, only realising when I’d gotten them home that they were cookies, not crackers.

not shabby.

These are fun. I was looking for kelp noodles but none wanted to be found. Any advice for finding them?

can’t wait to swizzle these up.

Got some new tofu and some glass noodles as well. I just liked the way they were packaged in little blobs.


so then I was feeling ambitious, and decided to try cauliflower crust pizza.

it LOOKS good

Total success, except when you factor in the fact that it didn’t really come off the baking sheet very well.

mmmmmm nooch.

This has nothing to do with anything, but has anyone tried these? mmmmmmmm….

These. Are. Good.

Very cakey.

I decided to paint my nails as well.

pink of perfection.

I’m getting a bit better at it, if I don’t say so myself.

Dinner was fine stuff.

nooch + broccoli slaw + mustard + salsa + hummus

I love brewer’s yeast. I thought I”d hate it and was pretty bummed when I blew $18 or something on something that turned out NOT to be nooch, but the stuff goes on everything now.

Back to the nail painting.


I never used to paint my nails. I don’t know why, I think it felt like it just wasn’t me, but I think the problem was that I never had colours that I really liked or that suited me.

Since Mom and I are in ‘operation grow-up’ with every aspect of my life, from clothes to hair to make up to job, she went through my nail polish and purged the ones that weren’t quite adult material.

that would be these. too sparkle-atious.

She’s right, about the sparkles. I’m more refined, not sparkly.

Updates when I figure out which ones ARE going to work.

We went to CVS and I got two: one called, ‘Tea and Crumpets’ and the other called ‘Brit Invasion’ which are perfect for my homesickness for London.


Love, Hannah



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