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No Results Yet...But More Tests Scheduled

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Tuesday morning was my last doctor's appointment, but the results from my Pap and Endometrial Biopsy were not back yet. When the doctor's nurse called them, they said they were running the tests that day, but I still haven't heard anything yet. My doctor feels pretty confident that I don't have cancer, but I'd just rather wait for the tests to see, since she also felt pretty confident that my brother-in-law had pneumonia when it actually was two severely clogged arteries.

About the cysts on my right ovary, I was told by the doctor they were very small. That cancer of the ovaries involves cysts that are at least 3 cm in size, and mine are only 8mm x 6mm and 8mm x 5mm. When I asked her what that means exactly, she said I'm not out of hormones yet, so I'm still ovalating occasionally. Even though it's only happening once every year or two. For whatever reason.

We then discussed the pain/cramps I've been having. After quizzing me a bit to rule out an ulcer, kidney infection, etc., she scheduled me for a Sonogram and Gall Bladder Function test early tomorrow morning. That was the quickest the Sonogram department of the hospital could get me in for that particular type of testing. In the meantime, she put me on a "no-fat, low-carb diet", for comfort purposes. And I mean NO FAT! She wants me to eat only fruits and veggies, and no meat...due to the fat content.

Well...that's not exactly happening because it'll send my blood sugar soaring over the Neuropathy Line of 140 that I've set for myself if I try to eat all of that fructose. I proved that to myself last night when I had baked chicken breast, green beans/mushrooms/onions mix, and a ear of fresh, local sweet corn. Blood sugar went up to 148 in an hour, then dropped to 108 30 minutes later, making me shaky, weak, and nauseated. Plus my feet hurt like hell. And are still hurting this morning.

So adapted my diet a bit yesterday to basic PSMF recommendations, protein shakes made with non-fat cottage cheese, chicken breast, vegetables -- because that's what got the pain under control last time. It helped quite a bit, but not totally, partly because it's only been a couple of days, and partly because I "am" having a bit of fat. But with BOTH my feet and side hurting me this morning, I'm probably going to re-rethink that too.

The "problem" is that we currently have NO surgeon in our area connected to Intermountain Health Care that can do the surgery. Dr. Hansen, the surgeon who took out my sister-in-law's gall bladder a few months ago is in-between clinics, so he's not available. So if surgery is needed, I'll have to go to Provo or Richfield, depending on whose available. If it's stones, I'm told we can schedule it for up to a week out, to make it more convenient for all, but if it's infected and inflammed we'll have only a couple of days.

So I'm still sitting in limbo at the moment...
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