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No More School Spazzing

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:28pm

Alright so I am FINALLY back. I finished 4/5 of my exams, but my last one isn’t until the 25th of April so I have time to relax and I’m so relieved. I’m sure it’s been fairly obvious by now that I’m a bit of a spaz when it comes to school work. I stress myself out a lot (probably a bit too much) about it. And I dumped that stress onto here much too much so for that I apologize! I was annoying myself with my school complaints so I can’t imagine how fun it must have been to read about… ehem. But thanks SO much for putting up with me and offering kind words and good luck! And NO MORE school complaints. Summer is (more or less except for the last exam which I’m not too worried about) here! And school work shall be out of the picture for a while. WOO.

One last school related note though before doing another giant backtrack on food over the last several days: I was freaking out about my stats mark because I left the exam (which was worth 50% of our overall mark) feeling terrible about it. I didn’t fully understand any of the questions, and it was substantially harder than anything we had ever done in class, including our practice exam. I found out this morning that our final marks were posted so I just went to check mine and … I got an A! Heck yeah! There was a lot of distress and complaint from many people in the class about how hard the exam was so I’m thinking he might have done some bell curving. I was shocked with my mark though. I’m so relieved!

Anywho… FOOD time! Another quick recap because yet again, I’m several days behind. Here’s what I’ve been eating:

Salads! Gotta keep on eating those veggies. And throwing dinner leftovers into them…


Cereal/yogurt mixes


CandyBaby Oranges


Wraps stuffed with leftovers.


Canned tomato sauceAmy’s Tomato Bisque Soup. Whoa rich and delicious.


Fruits fruits fruit and not-so-greengreen smoothie
Smoothie = coconut water, frozen banana, frozen berries, flax, spinach, ice. Delicious.


Raw veg (carrots, cucs + broccoli stems) drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette with black beans and vegetable hummus


MUFFINS! Deceptively DeliciousPeanut Butter and Banana Muffins (with cauliflower…shhhh.) I baked these yesterday. So easy and SO good! My mom usually spits out my “healthified” baked goods but these ones passed the ptooey test. She loves em! And so do I. Moist and delicious yet not a drop of oil or butter to be seen. Unless you want to be picky and count peanut butter as butter…


Then I really went leftovers crazy and made some (very dry – blah) spaghetti squash topped with… black bean-tomato bisque soup-cauliflower puree-ragu-nooch sauce. Phew. That was a mouthful. I was using up the last bits of stuff in the fridge. I don’t like wasting food okay? Alongside it was a bit of rice casserole.


And here’s an actual recap of today since I’m now caught up:

I did breakfast differently today and went with something I would typically have for lunch. A can of tuna mixed with sour cream and dijonnaise on a bed of spinach and cucumbers (with a bit of the tuna stuffed into a small piece of pita). Fruit bowl on the side. Coffee unpictured. Sometimes you just gotta switch it up I guess!


Then I did a not-so-fun hour-long treadmill workout. I don’t know what’s with me lately but I’m zapped of energy. I think exams have just taken everything out of me. So I lagged through the entire thing, my butt a draggin the entire time. But I finished it. Trooper!

Post workout all I wanted was a bar. A Clif bar to be exact. A Carrot Cake Clif Bar to be completely exact.


I had half the bar, 1/4 heated, 1/4 not. The not-heated 1/4 didn’t stay that way for long though. Clif bars are just way more rockin when they’re heated. Then I had an apple. Two times.


Then my mom and I did food shopping. Excitement of my day.

First we stopped at a little healthy baking supply store and I bought these goodies. I also grabbed agar agar but somehow it didn’t end up back at my house. I wasn’t so impressed with this. I WAS so impressed with the carob chips. Omg. First time trying these. LOVE these. I totally understand the carob obsession now. Totally.


Then we did actual groceries and they included spicy california grocery store sushi as part of the loot. I cracked it open asap, stuffed a few pieces full of wasabi and ginger and devoured them. I was hungry. These were good.


I was tidying the pantry the other day and I found this pack of instant soba noodles that were… kind of sort of expired. Only by a couple months though and I highly doubt they would be inedible that soon. But just to be safe I decided not to wait any longer and to make them asap. So tonight was the night. I served them over spinach and had a sliver (x2) of homemade pizza alongside.



Then I gorged on dried cantaloupe and carob chips.

Now I need to sleep. I think I need a good solid full 24 hour sleep. Too bad I always seem to wake up ridiculously early no matter what. As soon as the sun is up I’m up. Guaranteed. Sleeping in just doesn’t happen for me. I guess going to bed earlier is the ticket right?

And huge apologies for being the worst blog reader/commenter ever. My google reader is currently over 600… I will catch up soon enough I swear!

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