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No-Brainer Non-Workouts for City Slickers: Tone Up With House Work, Errands & Boogying In Front of the Computer

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:32pm

Eyelet_tote_87725114928c Let's face it: Any activity is better than none, especially in our sedentary society.

Granted, our ancestors didn't need to hang out at a gym. They just ran for long stretches in search of their dinner (animals), then chopped wood on which to cook their meals and stay warm or climbed trees for berries, etc.

Since millions of us are city bound by choice, it can be a challenge for us to regularly swing an axe or sledgehammer or pick up rocks, logs and cinder blocks, as the Guam-based, Zen Habits blogger Leo Babauta suggests. (Would that I had some of these things in my city apartment!)

Likewise, many of us may not have the space in our place to get into shovelgloving, as LifeHacker recommends.

Jack_lalanne_bio_pic2 But don't fret. Those of us who live in a city have lots of things we can do to spice up our daily activities with exercise bursts (other than going to the gym -- of course, you should still do that, too).

Here are some of my favorite exercise routines to do at home or near it:

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