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No.24: Chilli Padi

Posted Apr 30 2008 7:00pm 2 Comments
Chilli padi, as it is fondly known in Malaysia, is one heck of a firestarter!

1. Watch out for these, preferably wear gloves whilst cutting them up! They really burn! However, if you do handle them by mistake, try rubbing the afflicted area with salt to reduce the burning sensation!

2. These tiny little fiery chillies point downward from the plant and their colors change directly from green to red.

3. Although small in size compared to other types of chili, the chili padi is relatively strong at 50,000 to 100,000 on the Scoville pungency scale.

4. The seeds and white pith of a chilli are the hottest part, so remove them if you don't want your dish to be too fiery.

5. As a rule red fresh fruit are two or three times hotter than green fruit, and dried pods are up to ten times hotter than fresh pods!

Reference: BUUUUURRRRNING Hot!, Wikipedia, TheTipsBank

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Thanks. Good to know about #5. I love chiles so am familiar with the "watch out" when prepping them, but did not know the dried ones are up to 10 times hotter - WOW!
Ooooh!! There's this Chinese dish called Kung Poh Chicken which uses these yummy looking dried chillies to spice up its flavour (Sample here) Underestimating how spicy they really were, i popped about 3 small ones into my mouth and started crunching. Lo & behold, within 3 seconds after biting into the seeds, my whole head felt like it was on fire!! A runny nose & 2 big glasses of water later.... I still had tears streaming down my face!! grin* Steer well clear off the seeds & pith!!
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