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Nixing Dessert

Posted Jan 11 2010 4:29pm

Hi, guys! How’s your Monday evening going so far?

I’m actually really tired tonight– much more than usual. :-| It must be the Body Pump, which definitely kicked my bee-hind! I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.


After the gym, I headed to Starbucks to do some writing. While there, I enjoyed a decaf nonfat sugar-free vanilla misto. How’s that for an order? I’m so high maintenance sometimes! ;-)

Mmm! My high maintenance misto hit the spot! :-D


When I got home, I snacked on a bowl of chopped grape tomatoes with crumbled gorgonzola and ground pepper.


And a little while later, I dug into these babies:


These are the BEST salt & vinegar chips ever! I ate one handful of chips, then another… and then another. I finally just stopped myself in my tracks. I folded up the bag of chips, put an elastic band around them, and put it in the way back of the cabinet. Disaster averted.



Mal had a late day at school today, so when he arrived home, I whipped up a quick pizza + salad for dinner.


We had salad topped with balsamic vinegar.


And homemade pizza with red pepper, red onion, ground beef, garlic, tomato basil marinara, and shredded cheddar cheese.


The pizza was so, so, so delicious! :mrgreen:



After chowing-down a bunch of chips this afternoon, I thought it would be best to skip dessert tonight. Plus, I ate a million cookies yesterday, so I definitely didn’t need any more sugar. I thought nixing dessert would be really tough for me to do, but the craving for something sweet has actually lessened quite a bit.

Ok, ready for my exciting news!?!

Electrolux Program

I was recently selected as one of 15 Foodbuzz Featured Publishers for the Electrolux program! We’ll join Kelly Ripa in New York City for a special cake decorating event to generate support for and awareness of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, whose mission is to fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for Ovarian Cancer.

Obviously, I am VERY excited about this opportunity. I’m a huge fan of Kelly Ripa and, of course, cake, so combining those two elements into an event that generates support and awareness for ovarian cancer is a dream come true! THANK YOU, Foodbuzz! :mrgreen:

I’m poooooooped! Good night!

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