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Nine Is Fine

Posted Nov 16 2012 11:55pm

Things are starting to come together around here. We’ve had an exciting week of furniture delivery – since I took that “part-time job” as Craigslist poster back in September – and after one particularly amusing scene where Mama Bender and I somehow managed to hoist a mattress up the stairs (those things are heavier than you might think…), the house is starting to feel like home. We still have a lot of boxes to unpack, but I can say from experience that unpacking is a lot more fun!

Today also marks a milestone for the two of us – nine years of dating! We can’t decide whether that makes us say, “Wow!” or something more like, “Wow! We feel old!” It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years. You mean we don’t still look like teenagers?

No, I guess not. You mean we’re not still crazy (read: nerdy) college kids?

No, I guess not. Though the facial expressions are still pretty applicable. ;)

Looking back through pictures, I realize that even though nine years seems to simultaneously be a long time and no time at all, so much has happened. We’ve lived in five different cities in three different states. We’ve traveled to Guatemala, China, California, New York, Florida and others I’m sure I’m missing, in addition to driving 1,760 miles across the country. We took jobs we loved out of college (Bobby) and jobs we didn’t love so much (me). We’ve supported each other through big decisions like taking – and passing – three CFA tests (Bobby) or leaving said first job to start a company with no business background (me again).

We’ve also eaten at Benihana more times than I can count. But I digress.

And now, we’re homeowners. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can only imagine what the next nine years will bring. Tonight, we celebrated our (dating) anniversary with plenty o’ pizza. It’s our last night as temporary residents in the Bender home, but certainly not the last time we will be enjoying these delicious pies. Pepperoni, mushrooms and a lot more veggies!

Mama Bender was also sweet enough to bring out some champagne to celebrate.

Tomorrow night will be our first time staying at the new address. A movie night is in the works. :)

What are your weekend plans?

I’m so excited to see my friend Sarah , who is in town to compete in Ironman Arizona . Yes, she is that awesome. I haven’t seen her since my wedding, so it will be a fun reunion. Wish her luck!!


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