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Nike Training Club: Carmelita Jeter’s 15 minute HIT (High Intensity Training) Workout

Posted Jun 05 2013 12:17pm

I wrote about HIT (High Intensity Training) in a previous article called "Bulking Up vs. Slimming Down: When it comes to workouts, more is less and less is more" .

The theory, which seems to be catching on, is that the shorter and more intense routines put on muscle and get one more "cut" (think of a sprinter's buffed body from explosive movements from only a 10 second race), versus a longer more drawn out routine that tends to "skinny" one down (think of a marathon runner's slim body in spite of 2 full hours of grueling work).

For women, remember that putting on muscle may actually allow one to lose weight and trim down, in that the more muscle created, the more fat is burned from the body, and muscle takes up less space than fat. Think of how a cheeseburger shrinks when frying as the fat is burned away.

Olympic sprinter Carmelita Jeter's 15 minute  HIT (High Intensity Training) training routine is now available via the downloadable Nike Training Club app,  for those that want an intense workout, but don't want to spend two hours in the gym.

Nike Training Club is an Apple (or Droid) based app, a variety of workout routines straight from professional athletes, that can be downloaded to choose workout routines, set fitness goals, monitor calories burned, and much more.

Jeter’s quick, intense and dynamic 15-minute High Intensity Training (HIT) workout combines moves such as kettle bell swings, box jumps and medicine ball squat jumps — all designed to help women get fit fast.

My own HIT training routine is 30 minutes of intense weightlifting, pretty grueling. I do rest a little between sets, mainly because I have to walk from machine to machine, as well as catch my breath and grab some of my Electrolyte Honey and Himalayan Salt Water . After 20 or 25 minutes it is very tiresome, but that "great feeling" kind of tiresome, you know what I mean? Like I really put in some work.

For women, I wouldn't worry about bulking up more than desired. It rarely happens that way in the "real world". I might suggest that if you don't want to bulk up so much in the upper body, but want those nice legs, thighs and butt for that summer fashion, then keep most of the exercises focused on the legs, and maybe just a few exercises on the arms and upper body.

You'll be surprised how much work you can get in in 15 to 30 minutes. I might suggest taking picture of your body in the mirror before you start the program, and then maybe a month or two later, to see what changes have taken place in the body. You might just love how those abs have tightened up and how much bodyfat you have lost.

You'll see in the 30 second video below how Jeter uses the kettle ball, step drills, and more to keep that intensity up. If you think about it, you can't do all out intensity for too long, as in a sprinter cannot explode at top speed for hours like a marathoner, that explosiveness must be of brief duration.

So, in case you  want to shake up your routine and give it a try, and if you are trying to beef up, get more "cut", tone up, and drop bodyfat, male or female, give it a try.

Everyone will think of their own unique exercises (mine are on standard weightlifting machines), and should change them up as much as possible but in the video below, Carmelita gives you a good idea of how HIT training looks.

Come on give it a try……Just Do It!!!!!

~stay healthy~


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