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Nike skipping rope, shoes and Fit-Dry clothing!

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:35pm


I think it’s safe to say we all have our favourite athletic brands.

I try to buy as much of my workout tops and bottoms on sale, but when it comes to footwear, I’ve been very loyal to one brand (and will gladly pay full price): Nike!

I know, I know everyone has their own opinion on the Nike brand, but I’ve never been disappointed with their cross-training shoes (and I’ve been buying Nike cross-trainers for over a decade).

I’ve tried Reebok and New Balance, but always go back to Nike. I’ve found that New Balance was always too wide for my foot and I’ve found that Reebok was not a brand that sporting stores carried on a regular basis where I live so even if I did like the shoe, I was never guaranteed to find it again.

I spent a good part of the month of July working out in some of the new Nike clothing that I like quite a lot and I also got a pair of killer Nike walking shoes.

Since you must know by now how I take skipping rope seriously, I have to say that Nike has impressed me in that department as well.

To make this an easy read, I’ve broken down all the Nike items I’ve tried lately.

Also, before I continue, I want to say that Nike did NOT pay me at all for this post. I’m actually writing this because I genuinely love their products!

>>> Nike products I like a lot!

1) Nike makes the best skipping rope!


I’ve bought and tried out so many skipping ropes and most are too short or they just aren’t the best if you want to skip for a long period of time. I usually do 15-minute sessions (which are my short skipping sessions) or 30-minute sessions (when I skip rope for 30 minutes that usually mean that I can barely feel my legs when I’m done, but the workout is so intense that it’s a huge high for me).

During my recent review of the fitness boxing classes at the Delisle Extreme Gym, I was able to try out a Nike rope. I picked it up because it looked longer than the others. When I tested it, I quickly realized this was superior skipping rope. After testing out the rope for a few sessions, I quickly made my way to my Nike store and bought a rope.

Now, there is an important thing to know about Nike skipping ropes. You can either choose the skipping rope designed for cardio work Nike Speed Rope (which is a lightweight rope) or you can also choose a rope that’s designed for cardio and strength training Nike Strength Rope (this rope has a few weights and it’s a bit heavier than the lightweight rope).

Since I wanted my rope strictly for cardio training, I went with the lightweight one, but it’s interesting to know that Nike manufactures both.

2) Nike walking shoes:


My new Nike ‘Sisters Series’ with Diamond Flex sole are soooooooo sweet. I love everything about these walking shoes and the design is killer (a white canvas-type material shoe with dark gold detailing). I’ve walked many kilometres in these shoes since the beginning of the summer and intend on walking many more.

3) Nike Fit-Dry Clothing:


If you’ve not tried the Nike Fit-Dry clothing line … you’re missing out. This dry-technology stuff in incredible. I own three different tops and a few shorts. When you are working out at maximum capacity, you will automatically sweat a lot. Most other fitness clothing will soak up the sweat and will leave you feeling quite uncomfortable.

The Nike Fit-Dry clothing line is designed to hold the sweat so it doesn’t stick against your body.

Also, since we are talking about Nike … then you know that Nike fashion comes to play. All the Nike Fit-Dry clothing I have come in great colours (I have a golden yellow short top that is ideal for yoga and running, a red top and a beautiful blue/line green top). One thing I should mention about the Nike Fit-Dry shorts is that they are so well designed, they won’t creep up and get bunched up while you are running or workout. They are extremely comfortable.

The great thing about Nike is that all my readers regardless of where they live can find Nike clothing and shoes in their city!

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