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New Year Greenolutions

Posted Dec 27 2009 1:21am

This post is for the January Green Moms Carnival hosted by the ever so lovely Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids

Thank you for hosting !!

In recent past I have made certain green strides in my business, in my sustainability practices personally and professionally. However a recent home purchase and move has had me regress a bit in the way I am doing things greenly.

My New Year Greenolutions fall into these categories:

This Old Home
seasonal draperies, especially some that are more insulating in the winter
closing off rooms not in use
sump pump 101 and basement water concerns/leakage
reduce water usage ( less showers/full laundry loads)
reduce electricity usage - I am pretty good w/ this already
move washer and dryer to the basement ( i can't stand the look or the sounds of it in my kitchen)
A Brand New Garden
I have no garden here - the potential is limitless and quite exciting
a good look at my budget will determine what I do here
can i grow seeds ? I've never done that before - how? where?
container gardening may be a good start to observe how things grow with the light i have
collecting rain water
regrading - errr basement leakage
turning small lawn and parkway into edibles
Car Usage
I am doing at least one long distance commute a month now. ( although in january I have 3 - yikes!)
This means more gasoline spent - more mileage on my car. I have a compact car with great gas mileage
PLUS driving about town is more necessary here than where I used to live
I am mindful about driving in clusters or trips w/ multiple purposes.
Once I feel my hands can manage a bike I'd like to implement more biking - getting a bike again is a detail too
Plastics Mission

I'd like to continue to eliminate more plastic. I think the area that needs the most work is food stuff. Foods that come in plastic that I have yet to part with. Or found alternative sourcing for.
Meeting Like Minded People

I am exploring who I'd like to hang around with here and where I'd possibly like to volunteer my time. One idea is the local farmers market or surrounding CSA's. I am investigating the artists community here as well. I am also not making any participation decisions quickly. After years and years of volunteering I'd like to make sure I use my time in a way that moves me forward personally but also has good business connections.
Share My Thoughts
I am ever so grateful to have a platform here to share my thoughts. Check back from time to time and see how I am doing and don't forget to comment!  Let's share the journey and have a great green year together!
A Word On Consumerism
I notice myself recently wanting. Wanting things. Mostly wanting things for my new home. It might be curtains, a chair here or a table there. Part of it is the appearance of my home and wanting to make an impression.  I adore naked windows, but my neighbors having access to me naked....well that doesn't seem respectful - even if they do think I am a hippie!!  As hard as I tried to find used treatments - none appealed to the decor part of me. I  used what I had in some instances and then bought new and admit that the sheers I found please me.  I somehow feel guilty.  I haven't figured this out for me just yet. Except to say that my home is where I work and so having it be lovely is very important to me. I find myself asking the do I want or do I need this item question ALOT.  I haven't faced that pull to shop for sometime. This year for the holidays my budget was nill. In gifting I resourced my local thrift shops and found it exhilarating when I found something terrific and useful as a gift. The costs savings was absolutely amazing.  I'd like to get to know more of the second hand shops around here. Is shopping "used" still consumerism? 

The above image ( taken by me this summer  ) has a story.  My new yard was completely overgrown. There was potential for a little path next to the oak tree.  As I was wacking away at the weeds I discovered this path stone! If ever there was a sign confirming and affirming my decision to buy this home - this was it!!  I can not tell you how meaningful this is for me.

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