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New Recipe Night

Posted by Mary Ann P.

If you're tired of the same old meals week after week, why not add a new recipe night to your weekly menu. Monday is new recipe night at our house. That gives me time to find the recipe and shop for the ingredients over the weekend. Also, if there is any prep work, like marinating meat overnight, I have time to do it. The entire meal doesn't have to be different from the norm. Just try a new main dish or side dish. Sometimes we love the new recipes and add them to our favorites. Other times we may have to tweak it to fit our tastes and try it again. Quite frankly, there have been a couple of times I've thrown out the new food and ordered a veggie pizza. For the most part we sail through unscathed. I like to use the data base at They have recipes from all the magazines owned by that syndicate and you can search by ingredient. Just be careful as all of them are not light recipes.
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