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New Junior Cookbook Better Homes and Gardens Cooking

Posted Jun 09 2010 1:07pm

New Junior Cookbook Better Homes and Gardens Cooking

Kid-tested and tasted, this fun cookbook is the perfect way to get the young ones in the kitchen. With short ingredient lists and easy step-by-step instructions, each recipe is a new learning experience for your little chefs-in-training.

5 Stars I was the GRANDMA of the Year when I gave my Granddaughter this Cookbook!!
I got this for my 7 year old granddaughter for her birthday! You would have thought I gave her a million dollars. She has been reading it ever since. Loves to cook with Grandma, would recommend this book!!

4 Stars Great Starter Cookbook
As a librarian, I have looked through many cookbooks. When I wanted to buy one as a gift, I chose this one because it will lay flat, making it easy to read while you are cooking, it has great color pictures, and the recipes are actually something that will make kids want to cook. Not every recipe is going to be a healthy choice but kids have to learn to balance what they eat, as well as, the portions that they eat.

5 Stars the girl i wanted to buy it for already owns it
Like I said above. The girl I wanted to give this to for her birthday this year, well it turns out she already owns it. So I had to shop for something else. Everything else was top notch.

5 Stars To see the excitement in their eyes!
Bought this for my little chef for Christmas. He enjoys cooking with mom and me at the ripe old age of 6yrs. This was his first cookbook and he was so excited when opening his present.

New Junior Cookbook is a perfect starter cookbook for him. Full of fun recipes, great art work that makes the pages come alive for him. He reads it every day saying let’s make this, let’s make that and we do :-)

Nice glossy pages to easily wipe off if necessary, spiral bound to open and lay flat and dozens of recipes make this a winner in my book!

1 Star Junk food galore!
I got this cook book for my 8 year old daughter who loves helping in the kitchen. We were really disappointed to see how unhealthy the recipes were and loaded with candy, fat, and sugar. Imagine making a popcorn cake with 1.5 C of corn syrup, 1.5 C sugar, 1.5 C. of M&M’s and 1/3 C. of unpopped popcorn – wait, that is not all, add in a jar of marshmallow creme. First of all, I don’t know what possessed me to make this recipe, secondly, it was gooey and syrupy sweet to the point of making us nauseated. Pretty apparent there was no test kitchen trying out this recipe. Most all of the desserts follow suit and are sickeningly sweet and loaded with candy. Most everything else in the cookbook is full of processed meats and cheeses. Recipes are the typical burger, fries, sub sandwiches and meatballs. If you are cool with thinking children’s food is what you find on children’s menus in restaurants, you might just like this one. Check out “Children’s Quick and Easy Cook Book” by Angela Wilkes if you’d like a quality kid’s cook book that has real food recipes, great instructions and photos, and is a healthier alternative.

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