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New Culinary Delights

Posted Aug 25 2009 5:40pm

I really got what I deserved this evening.

I KNEW I shouldn’t even attempt running with my still raw and sore blisters, but being the incredibly stubborn girl that I am, I moleskinned and duct taped up my feet….


And stuffed my feet into my running shoes……..

MAJOR ouch. Couldn’t even walk two steps. And then, I had to peel/rip the moleskin and tape off my blisters, which only hurt them more (I’ll spare you the lovely photos but know there was a lot of screaming going through the house). In the end, I wrapped soft tissue on top of my blisters, applied more moleskin on top, took out the orthotics in my running shoes (this helped a lot), gingerly put my feet in running shoes and BIKED instead.

Every time I get ahead of myself, God “gently” reminds me to slow down, Jenna, and be patient. Patience, patience, patience……I’m learning!

I did have a lovely 40 minute bike ride followed by some upper body strength and crunches. Before I left I had a wheat english muffin with pb and preserves—


Christie cooked dinner!!!!


Guys… I’ve begged her for the sake of ELR, but she will not give out her “secret” recipe. By taste, she used a mix of ground chicken, ALMONDS (??), sundried tomatoes, bell pepper and celery….with whole wheat pasta. For a side dish, we had melon. And wine.


It sure was interesting!!!!!!!! Actually, it was rather good and I cleaned my plate. She said she originally wanted to make burgers and so she ground up almonds to mix in with the ground chicken and peppers (don’t ask…) but then it was too “soupy” so she mixed it with pasta instead. This is why I love her.

Since Christie was so generous in cooking such a lovely meal, I made dessert!


Cinnamon banana soft serve!!!!!!! I was in luck because her mom has a food processor and bag upon bag of frozen bananas in the freezer. Christie couldn’t believe for the life of her there was no milk or anything in this…..I still don’t know if she believes me that it was JUST bananas. I used four small-ish bananas in this so we each probably ate about two. Nothing like a healthy dose of potassium for dessert! ;)

I sported my Murphy-Goode shirt!


What a strange, crazy summer it has been. Who knows what may come next!! ;) Well actually I sort of do….. one month from today I’ll be withKathandTinaat BlogHer Food in San Francisco!

I’m off to get some much needed writing done. Work at 9 again tomorrow….sad that tomorrow is already Wednesday and I’m headed home on Friday!

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