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Nemo Found

Posted Feb 12 2013 7:00am

Happy Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday is here! I was supposed to attend a big fun Mardi Gras party this weekend, but those plans were cancelled. Can you guess why?!

Whoa boy. I’m sure you have read your fair share about that stupidly named blizzard named Nemo and this is another one of those. Consider that your warning that there are going to be lots of pictures of snow. I can’t even express to you HOW MUCH SNOW this sucker brought to the Northeast.

I decided to work from home on Friday to avoid being a temporary resident in my office over the weekend. Plus, Korky needs me around when there is a major weather event happening. He likes to eat the trash when something major is happening. Big baby.

This is my backyard. Yes, that is my dead herb garden on the bottom left. This was about 11am when the snow started on Friday.

And this is what I looked like around 24 hours later.

After a full day of being inside on Friday everyone was getting a little cabin fever. There is only so much Netflix and Hulu one person can watch. Plus, no one likes to watch Toddlers & Tiaras on repeat as much as I do.

We decided to take a walk down to the local bar to just hang out for a bit and look at other faces. On the way there it was snowing but the wind wasn’t too bad. Kind of creepy but overall, not horrible.

About an hour later on our walk back home the snow AND the wind had really picked up and it was time to get inside to become snowed in. The inches were piling up quickly!  It was so cold that when I got inside my hands felt like they were on fire. My nose was so cold that I couldn’t feel it all running. I was that gross.

When I woke up early on Saturday I found my backdoor completely blocked and figured that was how it was all going to end for me. Fortunately my neighbor/landlord was hard at work getting a path cleared so that all of us could move around. There was still plenty of snow coming down but he was trying to battle back just a little. My car (the 2nd in the pic) was officially snowed in.

Once Korky got over the initial shock of the snow, and realized he wasn’t going to find a single spot with no snow, he got his business done and then wanted to go inside. So much so that he decided to scale the snow mountain on his own rather than wait for me to pick him up! I was Facetiming with my parents and they kept mentioning how cruel it was for me to let him try to scale the mountain all by himself. Cruel….or hilarious?!


My little peanut did a good job considering that he is a Florida dog.

After about 20 minutes of digging my car was free and I was over the snow. If I was one of those people whose car was totally buried I might have just given up and waited until it reappeared in Spring. By Sunday we were able to drive around and businesses were opening back up. I did the most important thing that a girl should do after a snowstorm. I got my nails done.

The local nail salon is my happy place. You know, right behind Target.

I was feeling all kinds of overwhelmed with the snow and there is nothing a good red and pink nail polish can’t cure.


I spent the rest of the day on Sunday just hiding from the snow and coloring. Yep. Coloring. I don’t have kids, but I do have markers and a printer. Adults should color more often. My brain totally turned off for about 30 minutes and I was totally relaxed. I think I finally realized that coloring is my form of meditation!


Finally Sunday night rolled around and my birthday week had its kickoff.

Fun fact: My birthday is Wednesday!

I was treated to a surprise night out by the boyfriend. I curled my hair and off we went! The final destination?! Jersey Boys, the musical!


I happen to know all the words to Frankie Valli’s songs and love musicals. The perfect combo. I thought the show was fantastic and I loved how they incorporated the story with the songs. Now I’m obsessed with listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.

This week I have a few goals:

-Not yell at other drivers as much as I normally do. We are all trying the best we can with the situation that we have.

-Try not to freak out every time I hit a patch of ice and become convinced I’m going to fall and break every bone in my body.

-Enjoy my birthday!!!!

Easy goals, right?! Keep those fingers crossed. ;)


If you were hit by the snow storm, I hope that you kept warm and came out ok!

See ya tomorrow!

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