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Nature’s Dynamic Duo: Honey and Cinnamon (amazing wellness and healing properties when combined!!!)

Posted Dec 17 2012 11:40pm

All over this blog,  I speak of this mysterious "vibration" that I get when eating powerful whole foods, plants, and herbs. I REALLY get that so called vibration whenever I eat, or use on my skin, real raw honey combined with Ceylon Cinnamon.

I thought I uncovered something akin to the Secrets of the Pyramids. What and herbalist I have become!!! Should I guard this secret under lock and key, to bottle and sell it at my discretion? Is this the fast path to my beachfront Caribbean crib and 84 foot yacht?

Well Doug (me writing to myself), check yourself, ain't nothing new under the sun!!! The health and healing properties of honey and cinnamon have been known via Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese healing for thousands of years. Oh well, back to Plan A, making my cash the "E.F. Hutton  way", but those anticipated tropical days will be full of Honey and Cinnamon for health and well being…….

This is one of those concepts where there is so much written about it, a rudimentary internet search will produce volume upon volumes about the exponential benefits of Real Raw Honey and Real Cinnamon. As a note, most commercial honey is fake , and most commercial cinnamon is equally bogus , but its pretty easy to get the "good stuff" into your regiment.

The one sentence version of Mother Nature's little story on this "dynamic duo", is that the essential oils of real cinnamon (real as in Ceylon Cinnamon, which is light brown in color) and enzymes from honey, which produce hydrogen peroxide, together create and amazing chemical reaction, and act as the ultimate anti-bacterial/anti-microbial agent.  It even has been claimed that the combination will cure ANY disease.

I knew there was something special about these two nutritional powerhouses that  I "discovered"  for myself by accident. Here are a few ways I get them into my daily routine:

*Keep in mind that the light brown colored Ceylon Cinnamon has a "smooth and mellow" taste as opposed to the rust/dark brown colored, "brash but tasty in small quantities", common Cassia cinnamon, and you'll be surprised how easy it is to bring it into something like a workout water, or sprinkled on a meal.

*I use a pre-shave facial mask every morning to soften the beard consisting of Honey, Cinnamon, and Argan Oil

*I sprinkle a little Ceylon Cinnamon and some Soliga Honey (my current fav because of price point and "pour-ability', although Manuka is the best) into my smoothies .

*I add honey and cinnamon (and other stuff) to my workout electrolyte water , to keep me naturally hydrated (this stuff is simply awesome!!!!)

*If making something like Coconut Flour Drop Biscuits or Banana Bread ,  I will dip them, piping hot and fresh out of the oven, in a saucer of Honey, sprinkled with Ceylon Cinnamon, it is a true Sunday Morning "simple pleasure", a good vibration for my "me time".

*Since I put raw crushed garlic on my Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, I will drizzle Soliga Honey on it as well to balance out the garlic flavor, and sprinkle a little Ceylon Cinnamon (Incredibly tasty!!!!)

*As a morning ritual, before eating anything, a little honey on a spoon with Ceylon Cinnamon get the digestive track rearing to go for another day of work.

Interesting that in Ayurvedic medicine, honey is known as 'Yogavahi', which means "the carrier of the healing values of the herbs to the cells and tissues". It is believed that when combined with another substance (like an herb or spice) in a formulation, the special quality of honey enhances the medicinal qualities of that formulation and helps them reach the deeper tissues in the body more effectively.

Once you get the quality version of these two products, which won't take any real effort, you can get this dynamic duo working for you pretty easily, and in no time it will be a natural part of your health and wellness routine……..

~stay healthy~


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