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Natural Remedies Of Depression

Posted Mar 18 2013 1:30pm

Depression is a state of a person that feels sad, bored and uninterested throughout the day. Such a person just doesn’t feel excited about anything. It happens to all of us to be depressed at one point in time and this can affect our day to day activities. Science is not yet able to understand what really causes depression but one thing for sure is events that unfold in a day play a significant role. It might be the news about the death of a loved one, or maybe a failure to achieve a goal at the end of a predetermined period. Whatever it is one cannot dwell in that depressed state. Life goes on. Fortunately there are ways to deal with depression. Here are some suggestions below.

See a psychotherapist

Your mind is a complex machine that you might find difficult to understand yourself. But with the assistance of a professionally trained psychotherapist, there is a chance that you can better understand how your mind works and that can help you deal with your depression.

In a psychotherapy session, the trained psychologist listens to the patient and helps him discover what might be the hidden problem causing the depression. There could be some events in your past that affect your state of mind today and you might not even know it.

Once you are able to identify what could be the cause of the depression, the therapist will still be there to assist you to develop a plan that restructures the way you think. It is all about progressively changing the mindset. Hopefully, over time, you will get out of the depression.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

There are many factors that play a role in making a person feel depressed. Researchers believe that the genetic makeup of a person as well as the biochemical environment that person finds himself in, play a significant role. The state of mind of a person is influenced by the release of certain hormones in that person.

For example the secretion of adrenaline in the blood may be a sign that the person is in danger and fears for his life. Scientists today believe that the imbalance between hormones secreted in the body may be the cause of the depression. The good news is with aromatherapy oils one can remediate to that.

The different aromas that come from essential oils also affect the secretion of hormones as they pass through the nose and get to the brain. A change in the level of certain hormones in the body can bring back balance and harmony within. There are different ways to spread the aroma of those oils in the room, one of the easiest way being by relying on aromatherapy candles. Here are some of the oils you can use.

Bergamot is suitable for many types of depression. It has the ability to lift the spirit and at the same time relax the nerves in a gentle manner. This oil is extracted from the seed of bitter oranges.

Flower oils like chamomile can help if you are dealing with a case of depression that is clearly expressed outwardly. A person in such a state is easily irritated and always in a bad mood. The rich grounding effect of the oil will bring back the person into a state of well being.

Neroli, just like bergamot, is made from bitter oranges but this time it is extracted from the flowers of the plant. It is believed to comfort the mind and the heart. You want to rely on this oil if you are dealing with a serious case of depression where the emotions are affected. A person dealing with nervous and emotional exhaustion will find neroli really useful. The oil uplifts the mind and spirit bringing them to a state of unification. Neroli would be perfect for those who for one reason or the other refuse to acknowledge their feelings.

For those who lack motivation at their workplace or are looking for inspiration to take action, rose essential oil can be used to bring back the joy and uplift the spirit to allow it to think freely and express itself.

Essential oils are really useful when it comes to combating depression but one should not only rely on them. Different types of meditation can also help. 

Depression and meditation

To find the true cause of your depression you might have to meditate. There have been studies showing that Yoga meditation has a measurable effect when fighting depression. People meditating in Yoga are found to produce more GABA in their brain. GABA is a brain chemical for which the production tends to go down in people suffering from depression.

Through daily meditation you should be able to keep your spirit up and better deal with situations occurring in the day that you don’t have much control on. A combination of essential oils and meditation is advised to those who want to take their spiritual life seriously.

The last resort might be to try a drug if none of the other options worked for you. Make sure not be abuse of those drugs and consult and doctor who can assist you in picking the right one.

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