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Natural Food News - Poisons in Our Food Supply – As Seen On Dr. Oz

Posted Feb 13 2010 8:29am
It is refreshing to see someone with the clout of Dr. Oz talking about all the toxins in our natural food supply. This is an issue addressed in great detail on his show recently, and one that more Americans should be aware of.

Toxic pollution is getting inside all of our natural food sources.

Did you know that 8% of all women in the U.S. have excessive amounts of mercury in their blood? Or how about that 90% of all people have BPA in their blood from plastics that line food and drink containers?

Unfortunately, mercury is in every fresh water fish, and it is getting into our natural food supply through acid rain. There has never been a safe level of mercury found for humans. Excessive mercury levels affect the brain, producing fatigue, headaches, tremors, trouble thinking and an unsteady gate.

The other major health hazard in our natural food supply comes from pesticides. These are neurotoxins that can affect the brain and nervous system. Studies have shown that kids who have higher levels of pesticides in their body, have higher levels of ADHD.

Pesticides in our natural food supply also contribute to obesity. Studies show that animal’s weight increased 10% after being exposed to pesticides. Since the 1950’s, as the use of pesticides increased, we have indeed experienced pronounced weight gains in human beings.

Organic foods are somewhat healthier, but nutritional value has dropped over the years due to soil depletion. Also, acid rain is causing more and more heavy metals, such as mercury, to infiltrate the structure of the plants.

What can you do to avoid toxins in your food? Use a natural fruit and veggie rinse to clean produce. Avoid eating too much fish or taking too many fish oil supplements. Get your nutrition from responsible food manufacturers who are doing what they can to limit toxic metals in our natural food supply. Drink a cleansing herbal tea that can actually help wash toxic metals out of the body.
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