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Naked (juice)

Posted by Anu J.

Naked offers four different Superfood flavors.

  1. Blue Machine: Blueberry, blackberry and banana blend
  2. Green Machine: Apple and kiwi blend
  3. Red Machine: Raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate blend
  4. Purple Machine: Acai berries, purple plum and concord grapes
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However, these drinks do have a lot of sugar. I tend to stay away from so much sugar. But, Naked also makes carrot juice, which I love.
As those of you who may be following the ongoing saga of "Skin Disaster, 2007" may know, I have been buying juices galore. Naked now makes a Gold Machine, which is supposed to make your complexion so glowing, it's like "bling"! Well, I must say, it's helping somewhat. I have a lot of other factors in my life right now that are preventing full recovery. Here are the ingredients of Gold Machine: Apple, Pineapple juice, Golden Kiwi puree, banana puree, passionfruit juice, "boosted" with green tea extract, grape seed extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Biotin, Vitamin B4, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.
I don't buy it all the time but it is a nice treat once in a while. I wish they came out with some sort of frozen concentrate something or other I could keep in my freezer and then thaw when I needed some juice in a pinch. No, that would not be as fresh but it would be something I could keep on hand.

Beware...of the "Green Machine" as it has a high uric acid content and can have serious side effects.  I am an RN and had gotten terrible UTI syptoms.  I had severe urinary razor blades and abdominal bloating.  I drank more than the recommended daily allowance as I thought "more" was better.  No one else in the house liked it, so like a mom was anxious to not waste and get rid of it.  I am waiting on my urine culture, but my urinalysis was negative for nitrites, commonly found with UTIs.  I had bleeding with urination too!  I am not prone to UTIs, as the last I had one was 16 years ago while I was pregnant.  I feel pretty confident that it was the high purines in the drink.  If you have kidney disease or gout do not drink this either.  I am pretty sure I just drank too much of the stuff.  Very painful!!!!!

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