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Nabisco Team Flakes

Posted by pamylla m.

Unfortunately, Nabisco hasn't made Team Flakes for some time I miss them! They were one of my favorite cereals growing up. And better for you than Cocoa Puffs..LOL.
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Team Flakes was an awesome cereal!  It had 4 grains and far better taste than the bland Wheaties.  I remember that it stayed very crunchy in milk.  I went to college in-Hartford in the late 80's and at that time I had the markets special-ordering Team for me.  I was buying 10 boxes at a time.  As far as I know, Kraft owns the rights to the name.  I contacted them a number of years ago, and they stated that the brand was not continued due to poor sales.  I'm going to have to start hounding Kraft.  I don't agree with Kraft's product marketing and will not purchase their products until they do more to support a healthy culture.

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