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MYTH: The more you cut calories the more weight you lose

Posted by Larissa

MYTH: The more you cut calories the more weight you lose.

TRUTH: That can actually hurt you. If you cut calories too far (below 1200 per day) your metabolism and muscle mass decrease in order to preserve energy. Not to mention, you risk fainting spells due to low blood sugar, vitamin deficiency, and malnutrition.

MYTH: Carbs make you fat.

TRUTH: You need carbohydrates for energy. Carbs are the body's best source of energy. Short term effects of low-carb diets are fatigue, constipation and irritability. Long term effects include heart disease and colon cancer. Choose healthy, fiber-rich foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

MYTH: Dairy makes you fat.

TRUTH: Quite the opposite!!! Dairy ishigh in calcium and can help maintain healthy body weight and slow weight gain. Stick to the government's latest guidelines of 3 servings of low-fat dairy every day.

Posted by Ann Mantovani at Columbia College Chicago

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