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My Perfect (for me) Diet: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Posted Apr 05 2013 7:36am

Happy Friday!

I’ve been quiet on here lately, but I have so much to say. I haven’t figured out how to get it all out there yet so until I do I’ll wait.

Since I had Olivia I feel like I’m not sure where I fit in in the blog world. I’m not a full time blogger, but I used to post way more often. I mean that is so typical when you have a baby, so I don’t really have any pressure put on myself to do it more right now. When I look at the catagories of bloggers I’m just not sure where I go.

There are your typically healthy living bloggers who share their food and document their days. I don’t really have any interest in sharing what I eat on a daily basis on here. It’s not THAT interesting and I don’t really think it’s very healthy to do for me or for others. I’ve found that there is so much comparison between others and I don’t want to stress anyone out. I’ve definitely stopped reading some blogs because of their want to be “perfect” in their meals.

No carb, paleo, no fruits, no sugar, raw, protein everything, etc. It just stresses me out. (To be clear, I’m NOT singling any blog out, whatever works for you is GREAT…I’m just doing the same and doing what works for ME.) I eat. And I eat a lot of different foods. Gluten doesn’t bother me….so I eat it. Grains don’t bother me either, so I eat them too. And ya know what? I even eat cheese and dairy too! (Even though when I eat too much of that…it does bother my stomach, so I have to limit my intake to every couple of days.) I don’t use protein powder in my meals. I don’t make protein everything. (Although I’m not 100% against it. I don’t hate protein powder, I just hate it being used in every meal of the day.)

I just eat. I enjoy food with my family and friends. I eat what I want and don’t regret it…but that’s because I eat healthy the majority of the time because it makes me feel GOOD and energized. (And let’s be real…I need all the energy I can get.) I naturally choose foods that are good for me because if I don’t consistently I feel like CRAP. But I DO love chocolate…and cookies…so I eat both. (Again, I feel I need a disclaimer here…however you eat that makes you feel GREAT, whatever that may be, is great. I don’t mean to judge ways of eating, I’m more pointing out those who say it makes them feel great, but just use the “diet” to restrict what they eat.)

I HAVE been there when I’ve felt guilty for eating something and spent a lot of time thinking about whether I should have eaten something or shouldn’t. (This was back in college, when I did have pounds to lose.) The more balanced I became and the more I ate what fuels my body well, the more I choose these foods. When I go out for dinner or when I have a party to go to I eat what I want. I don’t spend hours not eating before or hours on the treadmill to work off what I may eat later.

My point is, I’m NOT perfect and I DO NOT have a perfect diet, and I certainly don’t have a perfect body. I eat well, I exercise (mostly) 5-6x a week for 45-60 minutes and I enjoy my life. I love my family, I love my friends, I love food (and a lot of other things, like shoes, clothes, bags…etc but you get the point.) I’ve seen so much restriction going on these days that it makes me sad. I wish I knew the answers to help people enjoy life. Maybe a portion of the answer is to stop hiding behind the computer and go out and enjoy the people who love you. Maybe the answer is to talk to someone Maybe the answer is to let yourself off the hook and stop thinking so much. I truly don’t know the answer.

Where does this come from? Sparked from Lisa’s post . If you have any thoughts I hope you share. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone. Just had to get some things off my chest.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

I’ll leave you with the title of this post: one of my favorite quotes by Michael Pollen: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

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