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My neck that is. Ugh, I ...

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:48am

My neck that is.

Ugh, I woke up this morning, and literally YELPED in pain trying to move my head.  No morning run, no morning yoga, no morning sleep.  Holly is  not happy when her AM starts like this.

However, she does perk up significantly with breakfasts like this…


PB+B on toasted Ezek...I needed some cheering up.

Since I arrived at work at bright and early time of 7am (figuring, I would make myself useful since I couldn’t sleep), I most def needed a morning snack – the hangry beast in me was roaring by 10am.


Zoe Foods Heavenly Apple Bar with AB frosting

I polished off the remaining AB by squeezing it from its pipe (a.k.a Ziploc baggie) and literally SQUEALED out loud again in pain.  First of numerous neck spasms of the day.  What up with dat? 

Did I sleep on it wrong?  Have I been keeping poor posture at work all day?  Do I have some exotic disease that is slowly eating away at my muscles and causing my nerves to pinch which will eventually end up with me having a forever frozen neck?  Hmmmmm…

A parfait a la K


Vanilla yogurt, Banana Nut Cheerios, sprinkle o' flax + a mountain of blueberry love.

And a TJ”s Fiberful Fruit Leather in Apricot from my mom, who I got to meet for lunch along with sissy #3.  However, I didn’t eat with them (already had 1/2 of lunch ^^^^) and was pretty mad about that, because we ended up meeting at Chipotle.  I totes bet that would have made my neck feel 10x better.


6 grams of fiber in this baby!

More grazing and neck cranking…


Oops...where did all the raisins go?

baby spinach
alfalfa sprouts
heirloom tomatoes
cinnamon-roasted chickpeas
Newman’s Sesame Ginger vinaigrette


A salad for afternoon snack? YEPPERS!

After a bit of a slow day of worksky, I was soooo excited to meet our bloggy gal Angharad from Eating for England out at one of my fave healthy joints - Good Earth Cafe!  Now, after meeting her, I can tell you that this gal is just as lovely, funny and fabulously British as she seems on her blog!  We literally chatted for 2 1/2 hours about anything and everything over some delicious, droolworthy and delectable food…such a jolly good time!


Assorted bread & crackers + hummus & EVOO

Assorted bread & crackers + hummus & EVOO

  Main Course


Angharad' s Meal: Curry Dusted Mahi-Mahi (with veggies in a spicy coconut curry sauce)


My Meal: Veggie Enchiladas (with brown rice, avocado & salsa)

And of course….DESSERT!!!


Carrot Cake (nuff' said)

And that lil’ lady even brought me a sample of the Kashi Mocha Almond Bar, which I am insanely anxious to try at work tomorrow!  We’ve definitely already planned meet-up #2 :).

Now, this gal has got work to  do:  clean, pack for Chicago (yep, didn’t do that last night!) and get all my ish together before I leave for CHI-TOWN tomorrow after work.  Woowoo!  I didn’t get my run in this morning, but I am hoping if my neck feels better tomorrow morning – I will run 3 or 6 miles (errr…haven’t decided) in the AM.  We’ll see what happens – this gal has got to get back on marathon schedule…and fast!

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