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My journey of healing from disordered eating and Carob Blueberry Ice Cream recipe

Posted Apr 29 2011 4:03am

Choc Raspberry Ice Cream thumb My journey of healing from disordered eating and Carob Blueberry Ice Cream recipe

Mmmmm I have a delicious recipe for you today plus an article to share.

I recently wrote about my journey of healing from disordered eating and emotional eating patterns, and specifically the role of a plant based diet in aiding my healing. This is the first time I have written in such detail about my personal experience of disordered eating and the non-linear path to a healthy mind, body and emotions that I am so grateful for today.

I wrote this article as a contributor to my friend Gena’s great blog series titled Green Recovery . In this article I share how I formed unhealthy eating habits and used food as an emotional crutch for many years.

I also talk about what helped me to find freedom from these destructive patterns. Today I have a fantastic, healthy relationship with food and feel wonderful in myself. I don’t need to turn to food to comfort, distract, numb and punish myself like I once did. I can’t even begin to describe how liberating this is.

Casey Killarney thumb My journey of healing from disordered eating and Carob Blueberry Ice Cream recipe

If you have ever or currently do use food as a way of controlling or numbing your emotions, or if you engage in disordered eating habits, I recommend checking out this article. Click here to read it.

On to the joy of food – delicious, clean, alkaline, healthy, nourishing, wholesome recipes that make you feel great inside and out! Last year, I created an amazing recipe (if I do say so myself!) of Choc Raspberry Ice Cream (or ice cream soup). I love this recipe . It’s so fresh, indulgent and filling all at the same time.

Today I remembered this recipe while staring at the frozen berries at my local organics store and knew I had to make it again. It had been too long! I made the exact same recipe but used 3 tablespoons of carob powder instead of cacao powder and 1 cup of frozen blueberries instead of raspberries.

The result? Healthy, clean, ice creamy bliss. The only problem? I gobbled it up and then realised I had forgotten to take a picture, but it looked very similar to this…

Choc Raspberry Ice Cream2 thumb My journey of healing from disordered eating and Carob Blueberry Ice Cream recipe

Carob Blueberry Ice Cream (sugar free, dairy free, vegan and raw!)


1 cup of frozen blueberries
1/2 an avocado
100 grams of baby spinach leaves 
3 tablespoons of raw or pure carob powder powder                                                       1.5 cups of water
2 trays of ice cubes
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 droppers of liquid stevia or about 40 drops (you can use a lot more as this was not overly sweet. You could also use vanilla stevia, chocolate stevia or chocolate raspberry stevia if you like)


Blend all ingredients together until it forms a thick, smooth, soft ice cream consistency. If you don’t have a high powered blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix, you might want to add more water and enjoy it as a thinner soup (it will still be fantastic!). Or try blending in parts.

You could add some frozen blueberries to the ice cream to enjoy on top, or some coconut chips, banana slices or some cinnamon. Or just eat it plain and then like I did.

If you need to avoid fruit altogether, just use a whole avocado and extra stevia and it will still be an awesome chocolate ice cream or soup.

P.S. The Frumpy To Fantastic Telesummit has now ended! I’m so sad but it has been amazing to see all the incredible feedback. Thank you for being a part of it! You can still choose to own all the interviews over at if you missed out on any of the awesome speakers.

Do you make healthy ice creams at home? What recipe is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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