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My green tea could taste a little better, maybe?

Posted by Dan S.

I've heard a lot about how great green tea can be for a person - so in my bid to live a more healthy lifestyle I thought I'd pick up some of this green tea stuff to have in the afternoon at work.

Ok - so it isn't bad and its nice to have something warm - but it isn't the best tasting stuff around. Could I dump some honey in there or something to add some flavor or will I be negating all the benefits of the tea by doing something like that? What are other good options for sweetening it up a bit?

What about the different flavors of tea - are those just as beneficial? I bought a sampler pack from Bigelow Tea. Is all green tea good or are there some flavors and/or brands to avoid?

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I've heard only great things about green tea. Its high in antioxidants, which are good for the immune system. But yes, the taste straight from the tea bag can leave something to be desired. I think you can add a little bit of honey, which I've read is also a source of antioxidants, to your green tea without worrying about it negating the benefits of the tea.
Green tea drinkers lose more of the benefits of the tea, I believe, from the flavored, bottled green teas in the stores than from at home from the kettle.

I'm with you! I really don't like most green teas. However, I've been told it's because I have been drinking cheap and nasty green tea. I also have been reading about white tea. White tea is also supposed to have many health benefits, but because it's made with little, tender new buds, it has a mild flavor.

You might want to try a little cut up fruit in the bottom of your cup of tea, too.

I am trying to do the green tea thing too. I don't like the taste much either, but when I make up my mind that I'm going to drink it, it's not so bad. It just wouldn't be my first choice. Celestial Seasonings has a nice Chamomile Green Tea, but I'm not sure if that counts as green tea? I'll be on the lookout for tasty teas!
Well I've gone through several of the flavors of the variety pack I got and I've found the plain ol green tea to be the best. The mango, peach and other flavors are no good. I think I could do the plain easier than any of the others.
I find the taste to be quite pleasing, but I generally don't add anything to my tea anyway. Perhaps I've become accustomed to adjusting to the tastes of my varied flavours of tea? Tamar's idea is an interesting one; why not try some fruit in there? Otherwise, I don't see why the occasional addition of honey would hurt.
Yeah, green tea definitely is an acquired taste for most people. I think honey is a great option for sweetening. In regards to funky-tasting green tea, I think brand makes a big difference -- the only green tea I really like are the ones blended with white tea. My personal favorite is Jasmine Green Tea, and I usually get the ones that are imported from Asia. Loose leaf green tea (the kind you get from Asian markets.. you just drop the dried leaves into your cup/kettle with no teabag) is also good because I feel like it's less processed and actually has a more refreshing aftertaste. But the reaosn I like jasmine is that it adds a nice aromatic flavor to the usually slightly-bitter green tea. Another option also is to make your tea less concentrated, like letting it boil less. But yes, after trying out the slightly more expensive jasmine green teas and white teas, I actually get a little sick from any Bigelow teas because they tend to be way too strong with other additives.
Add a tiny bit of low carb protein whey isolate to it broher ;)
This company has two green teas that don't taste like typical green tea. They have a moroccan mint if you like mint, and a genmaicha if you prefer a nutty, earthy flavor. 

Also make sure you aren't brewing your green tea too long.  3 minutes for loose leaf.
Use liquid stevia, not sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners.  Stevia not only enhances the flavor, but also provides healthy nutrition for the pancreas, which contributes to balanced blood sugar levels.  I like the original liquid stevia made by the company that petitioned the FDA in 1995 to allow liquid stevia to be sold as a dietary supplement.  That one is called Sunnydew Liquid Stevia, and it tastes a lot better than powder stevias.
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