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My First Pre-Natal Yoga Class at Breathe N Flow Yoga!

Posted Jul 24 2012 11:29am

Yesterday I FINALLY went to prenatal yoga. I can’t believe I waited until after 27 weeks to head to my first class.

First off, let me explain a little why it took me so long to get there and then I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t wait as long as I did. I have been very active throughout this pregnancy so far. I look forward to getting my workout in each day, whether it be a run, walk, strength training session or whatever. I look forward to getting that sweat on because honestly, that’s how I feel most normal and like my pre-pregnancy self. I’ve told you before that I’m eating very healthy, but I’m giving into my cravings of cheese and bread. Burning calories is kind of how I feel like I’m balancing it out. I DON’T want to get to a crazy place in my head of ever feeling guilty for eating what I want throughout this pregnancy, whether it’s pasta multiple times a week, or ricotta or bread…so by getting in my workouts it let’s me relax a bit.  I had this preconceived notion that prenatal yoga would be a whole lot of breathing, stretching and barely any moving. This to me sounded like a rest day….and on my rest days…well…I generally wanted to rest.

I also make my own schedule to a point…some things like farmer’s markets and clients are non-negotiable. I obviously can’t workout during the hours I have scheduled. I also won’t take nighttime classes because a) I work with Danny doing Pure Bliss Eats stuff many nights a week, b) I’m mostly cranky and uncomfortable at night (which yoga would prob help but anyway…!) c) I look forward to spending a couple hours a night with Danny relaxing, cleaning up, doing housework.  So this limits my ability to take prenatal classes to 2 classes a week. Now that I’ve given you every excuse in the book as to why I haven’t taken prenatal yoga…let me tell you why I wished I started weeks ago.

I’ve taken countless yoga classes at Breathe N Flow Yoga in my pre-pregnancy days. Literally every class was a joy and made me feel renewed. The yoga instructors are all amazing. What really drew me to Breathe N Flow are the owners though, Leah and Manny.  They make everyone who walks in the door feel special, welcomed and really part of the BNF community. I finally messaged Leah to tell her I’d be in Monday. Once I made the commitment, I knew I needed to stick to it. When I walked in the door at 9:30 yesterday morning, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. What had taken me 7 months to get here? I felt a sense of calming and knew that my body needed to be there in every sense!

I caught up quickly with Leah before going into the room to set up my mat. I grabbed 2 blocks, a bolster and a blanket and sat in child’s pose for a couple of minutes before class. When I sat up I was pleased to see there were 9 or 10 other women in the room. It really makes you smile looking at all the belly’s in the room. I enjoyed listening to the chatter in the room. I could tell some of the women had been coming for awhile because they knew each other and were catching up on how they were feeling in the past week. Again, speaking to the community that Leah builds at Breathe N Flow. 

Leah came into the room, put on some nice music and we all introduced ourselves, said how far along we were and if there were any body parts we’d like to work on. I said my calves were tight. I really enjoyed this part of class and hearing how far along each person was. The range was about 13 weeks to 37 weeks! Once class started we did some gentle stretches first focusing on the neck and upper body. The part that surprised me was we did flow and move. Obviously there were modifications, like not doing upward dog but I did get a little bit of a sweat on. I enjoyed doing many downward dogs and warriors. We went through many different poses, hitting every body part and making my body feel really good. By the end of the class my legs felt really good. They felt like they got a little bit of a workout in from the warriors and squats but also felt nice and stretched out, which is exactly what I needed. I also really enjoyed the connection I felt to baby, when we touched our belly’s at the beginning and end of class.

I realized after class, that I need to slow down and really take time to do yoga each week. Even if I don’t physically get to a class, I need to just slow down and realize how good this is for me and baby too. The class was not just sitting around doing nothing, you do move. But the point is, I need to stop worrying about the “burn” and “sweat”. Don’t wait until third trimester to get to pre-natal yoga. You’ll walk out feeling super refreshed in body and mind. I plan on trying to get to class at least every other week. Being a part of the BNF community is important to me because you connect with other like minded people AND everyone is SO nice. You get to know each other and grow together!

I’ve already said the very special part of Breathe and Flow Yoga is the community there and the owners Leah and Manny. They also have 5 prenatal classes a week, which is kind of unheard of in yoga studios. Leah also will take the time and talk to you about how you’re feeling and will include different poses in class depending on what you’d like to work on. I can’t recommend BNF Yoga enough, prenatal or not! And plus, after you have your baby you can do birthday parties, Mommy and me and kids yoga there! It’s a place for the entire family!

Check out their class schedule and facebook page! 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this class or review. I did receive the class for free, but I would have paid for it! As always, all opinions are my own! 

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