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My First Fast: Hour 15

Posted Feb 10 2010 8:36am

I've done very well so far, way better than what I expected of myself. I have no willpower when it comes to food, but I haven't been hungry anyway. Today was fairly easy though because school was cancelled and I slept in 6 hours later than what I normally do. Now that I have time to do the things I love to do in my spare time, like sewing and reading, I won't be under insane amounts of pressure from school and most likely will not be tempted to overeat.


Even if no one ever reads this or shows any support, this blog is helping way more than what you would expect. Just being able to record my thoughts and stuff, it puts me in a better state of mind than sitting here by myself thinking "Okay, I'm on a fast and I cannot  eat." So I thank for allowing me the option to blog, because a Myspace blog wouldn't have the same effect. I would only get comments from people saying "wuts a fast?" or "geeeez, how can u NOT eet?" 


For those of you who read my nonsense, thank you and I will be posting again soon. 

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