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My First 2 Weeks On Induction Again - An Update

Posted Sep 29 2008 12:29am

As mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t minding the store, and my weight climbed to 215 from 180 - 35 lbs.

I knew what was happening - intellectually, at least, but I still let it slide - until the ‘button chase’ began.

What’s the ‘button chase’?

It’s when the button on your pants doesn’t quite reach the buttonhole and you end up spinning like a dog chasing their tail to get the one into the other.

I have no fat clothes - I threw them all away, so unless I want to go out and buy new clothes, I have to lose weight - I mentioned this in another post as a useful tool to maintain weight-loss.

You can’t rationalize away the fact you can’t shoehorn yourself into your pants, so on December 31, I went back on Atkins hardcore.

So it’s been 2 weeks - what’s the story?

I’m in the groove. I’m in ketosis consistently, I feel OK now - pretty good, actually. I’ve lost 15+ lbs. and the scale now hovers a little below 200. I’ve stalled, but this doesn’t concern me - I see the ketosis sticks turn color and know I’m reprogramming my body to burn fat - and I’ll get on the scale some time in the near future and see I’ve lost a few lbs. overnight - how the hell that happens I’ll never know.

I’ve noticed other things harder to notice if you’re not paying close attention to your body:

  • My GERD has diminished greatly. I honestly thought that it was more of a result of the weight, but it seems the low carb diet is what is reducing it, because I’m still fat, in my estimation. I still get heartburn after certain foods, but my Tums consumption is way down.
  • My head seems more clear. I do believe - and seem to confirm this go-round - that what Atkins referred to as ‘brain fog’ - is real. Two weeks into low carb, and I do feel somehow calmer and clearer in my thinking.
  • My appetite has changed. Hunger on Atkins is different - I’m repeating myself, but reconfirming as well. The deep and intense cravings that I would experience when eating high-carb change to something more manageable - when I eat a lot of carbs, the cravings that follow seem more like demonic possession. I would dream about food. Right now I’m working on not forgetting to eat, as starving yourself is relatively easy in Atkins, but you must eat to lose weight.

The way I see it, I can ride this wave all the way to 175 - it’s manageable and sustainable.

But one takeaway that I’ve suspected in the past, but now confirmed is: it is actually easier to take the weight off than keep the weight off. I’m talking about Atkins here - my two experiences losing weight low calorie were grueling - a relentless climb up a steep mountain. They were not sustainable - that’s why both times the weight came right back on - with a little extra added - within a year.

The last paragraph has a certain ‘duh!’ factor to it - of course it’s harder to keep it off than to lose it! Way more people lose weight and don’t keep it off than those who do.

But zeroing in on low carb weight loss, there’s more to it.

Ketosis bestows upon the Atkins dieter a boost to one’s willpower - the chemical transformation of your body’s fuel system gives the low carber an edge. Ketosis is an appetite supressant - and I believe it’s impact is more subtle than that - it changes the nature of hunger itself.

The problem is when you no longer need to be in ketosis and begin eating more carbs, you lose that advantage.

In the past, I thought that the occasional ‘low carb vacation’ was OK, but from where I sit now, it seems that, at least for me, if I want to stay at my weight, I need to reconsider how I managed my weight loss the last time.

Should I consider a total ban on high carb meals forever and ever? That sounds like it kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

Should I consider a mandatory ‘induction week’ - say one week a month - to maintain?

Or is the answer that I just stay away from the high carb ‘crap food’ the sugary, starchy processed comfort food, but not demonize the good carbs found in wholesome foods like fruits.

I’m thinking out loud here and it’s the last one that sounds like the best course. One low carb blogger (I’m so sorry - I forget who) made the point that true vegetarians don’t go “what the hell - give me a steak” now and then.

They never eat meat.

So perhaps it takes a similar internal agreement - I will never eat real mashed potatoes, white rice, or macaroni and cheese - and a bunch of other things - again - ever.

Is that what it takes? Maybe - I have to live with this thought for a while, see how it feels - if it fits me.

I had thought that I could indulge on occasion but the ‘occasions’ became so frequent that they began blending into one another - and here I am looking to lose 25 lbs I had already lost.

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