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My encounter with the lady who could detect illness and ailments just by touch.

Posted Dec 22 2011 11:56pm

About 5 years ago, the cashier register girl at Life Spring Health Store and Juice Bar on North Broadway in Chicago, mentioned one day the store has an herbal specialist there every Thursday that can detect illness and ailments just by touch. I kinda laughed it off and walked away and soon forgot about the conversation. But when I got a slight discomfort in my upper right side about a month later, I found out that the cashier was telling the truth.

The discomfort inside my ribcage was not painful, but I felt "something". And since I never get sick and never have any illness, whenever something feels wrong, I notice it right away that something is out of balance in the body.


Fortunately for me, after the last of my check-ins to a hospital, thinking I might have some fatal disease, once I thought I had colon cancer, once a brain tumor, once a blood clot. I was finally beyond all the paranoia of every little discomfort that as I got deeper into my healthy living thing. So I just relaxed and made sure not to panic. I went into to this feeble effort to use my brain power to heal whatever was going on. For a few weeks, although the sensation/mild discomfort was there, I was still not panicking, and  I did my usual "walking prayer", to get some spiritual guidance for the issue. If I remember correctly, that happened to be the same day I was walking over to Life Spring Health Store to pick up some of my basic healthy stuff that I go pick up on a regular basis. I hadn't seen that cashier  for over a month, but she remembered that last conversation we had, and casually mentioned, "That lady is here today. You know. the one who I said could detect ailments and illness just my touch".  Being a natural skeptic, but also naturally open minded, I said "Can I see her, I have a question about a 'situation' " as I remember wording it.

Life Spring Health Supply and Juice Bar, 3178 North Clark Street Chicago, IL

She came out, we exchanged pleasantries, she was an unassuming Ukrainian(or Russian) lady, very pleasant personality. I had already gone into my gearing up mode, making sure of anything I said, making sure not to touch my body, doing nothing to give away anything going on inside my body. That would have not have happened anyway because as I said I wasn't in any pain, I was feeling very good that day, I just had this "headache" on my upper side, inside my ribcage. It didn't seem to be escalating in intensity in the previous weeks, so I wasn't tripping too hard on it, but I did wanna know what's going on.

Anyhoo, I said "I have this 'condition' and I heard you might tell me what it is". She asked to put my arm out like a traffic cop, elbow slightly bent, she proceeded to place her palm against mine, kinda like a chest high, "high five". I was actually chuckling a little because we're in the middle of the store and the whole scene looked a little silly to me. She closes her eyes like in a deep thought pose, open her eyes, steps back one step, looks at me and says "Your Liver, Your Liver". Right then my chuckling stops because I know where the liver is located, on the right side inside the rib cage. Damn………………….

She tells me that I am in great shape (good news!!!), but I have been overloading the liver for a while. The liver functions as a giant filter, but you can attempt to send too much through the filter and slow it's function. She asked me, "have you been putting anything new into your body lately?". And it immediately came to me Apricot Seeds. I had just started taking them because I had recently got into this vitamin B17 thing and the whole theory that eating 7 apricot seeds a day will keep you cancer free your whole life . They say seven seeds because seven contains the right amount of the natural chemical B17, also called Laetrile, or Nitrilosides, that prevents cancer. 

My problem is whenever I try something new, I always over do it, I remember I was taking about 15 of those things a day. The B17 compound in apricot seeds has a part of it's molecular structure, cyanide. Don't panic because the cyanide is only activated when it come in touch with cancer cells in the body. Somewhat like little suicide bombers that only attack cancer cells in the body. However you can over do it, as you can with any herb, food or medicine. Apple seeds also have a fair amount of B17, and there has always been a saying that if you eat a cup of apple seeds, it can kill you. I think I ran across some documented evidence of that. 

Short story long, she said it's all no problem correcting this issue, recommend an herbal remedy called "Liversol" a blend of herbs including Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, and Nettle Leaf. Cost me $15 bucks, but I was like , "what the hey", if this resolves the issue, then 15 bucks well spent.

I was fascinated about her "mystical powers", and she humbly downplayed it all, saying that she always had this gift, and it is really nothing spectacular, some people can sense the energy and vibrations coming from other people's bodies and they can feel how and where the body is out of balance. She said it's no different than when you are at work and sense that a co-worker has something on their mind an is probably having issues at home. She could tell I had a bright open mind and she had sensed I would be skeptical. Then she told me that she knew that I had the capacity to accept the explanation which is why she proceeded and diagnosed me, whereas often she doesn't waste her time with people because of their non-belief.

Low and behold, I'm taking my Liversol herbal supplement that same day,  and within a week the discomfort is totally gone. all this happened about 5 years ago, and I have over did it with the Apricot seeds once or twice since then, recently as early December of 2011. No problem, just orderd a bottle of Liversol, and use the power of herbs to get my body back in balance.

It just occurred to me that I did pray that day on the way to Life Spring Health store, and walked out 30 minutes later with the solution. Like I always say, the "god given" answers never happen to me in those dramatic "Bolt of lightning" kind of ways, just practical experiences and chance encounters with people, books and websites, always letting me know that all life is connected, and I am always taken care of…….even when I choose to be a little skeptical.    ~dw~

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