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My Crappy Diet

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:00pm

I enjoy reading everyone’s comments – even the ones that rip me a new one. I like those especially because they are a reality-check: you need to give opposing ideas a real solid testing, and not dismiss them outright.

There might be something to learn there.

A reader left a comment on my post ‘ The Nicotine Experiment: Can it Help You Lose Weight? ‘ that I wrote in April. At the time, I was trying out the coconut-oil as an experiment in reducing hunger, as well as starting experimentation with the Commit nicotine lozenges for hunger control. I’ve since abandoned the coconut oil, but am still playing around with the lozenges. I’m only a few pounds down from the weight on that date, so all appearances point to the experiment being an utter failure, but I’m not sure yet – I don’t think I’ve quite gotten the timing and dosing down yet – so the jury is still out on this.

A reader left a comment on the post:

How is the weight loss going? Your diet sounds horrible. Fasting, or eat oil for a meal is NOT going to help you lose weight; neither will using a Commit. Sure, it curbs the hunger for now, but in essence you’re doing what dopey models do; starving themselves. You may see some losses now, but beware the boomerang effect often associated with crappy diets like yours.

So here’s my response:

The coconut oil thing didn’t last. It was an experiment based on someone else’s self-experimentation.

I’m pretty much where I started with regards to weight.

I do try things that don’t sound particularly hazardous and see what happens. Sometimes they don’t pan out.

If you adhere to a low carb approach, oil, veggies, fat and protein doesn’t seem all that crappy.

As I’ve kept a minimum of 50 lbs off for 5 years so far, was medically supervised, and my bloodwork was perfect, I can only conclude that dieting along the lines that I am trying works for me.

Considering the amount of calories I eat, I wouldn’t call what I do ’starving myself’ – though I do have the majority of calories in the evening.

Using Commit *has* proved interesting – for me it make that the need for teeth-clenching ‘willpower’ when surrounded by goodies lessened considerably – and losing weight while being hungry is not some sort of moral badge of honor that I want to be awarded.

A big part of my diet approach is to avoid the boomerang – which I have done with 50 lbs – It was more, so there was a boomerang, but it was way slower than the one I faced when I lost weight twice calorie-counting – each time all the weight was back in a year – I just couldn’t sustain it.

I think I’d agree with your comment completely – if I was new to this. I’m not.

You  might also be posting this as a warning to others – I appreciate that. I’m long over the ‘evangelical’ phase of low carb. I don’t want to convince anybody of anything. Low carb doesn’t work for everyone – I know that. My point in this blog (If I have one) is to document my ‘going it alone’, and trying to come up with new ways of thinking about nutrition, weight loss, and exercise – and testing my ideas on myself.

I am not trying to get people to ‘follow me’ – I actively discourage people from doing so.

I can only infer as to your own diet – it’s probably ‘healthy’ by traditional standards. If it works for you  - great. It’s a hell of a lot harder doing low carb because you exhaust yourself listening to people try to debunk it all the time.

I also like the zinger of ‘dopey model’ – I’ve thought about that one, though, and it doesn’t quite fit.

I still like it, though.

Please write back if you would like to clarify your comments.



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