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My boyfriend’s back…

Posted Jan 27 2010 6:34pm

I had another non-planned-exercising day today. Here is what I did:

  • Take the N train from 60th to 14th (Union Square)
  • Stop at the farmers’ market and pick up 5 pounds of apples for $2 (they weren’t very good; no wonder they were only 40 cents/pound)
  • Walk from 16th Street to work (10 blocks)
  • After work, walk 17 small blocks and 3 big ones to check out a new grocery store
  • Walk home (17 small blocks and 3 big ones)

I count all that walking as my exercise. It’s probably about 3 miles total, which is really not bad at all. Plus, I got to check out a cool new store that was recommended to me by a reader (thanks, Kendall!). It’s called A Matter Of Health and it’s on 77th Street and 1st Avenue.

I have been trying to keep this blog very upbeat as of late, but I think it’s time to get real. I’m struggling with some things that I’ve struggled with in the past, and I’m actually not having the amazing time that I’m always pretending to have.

Sorry for the downer… But damn, it feels good to get that off my chest. I’m going to try a few things in the coming weeks/months, and I need to hold myself accountable.

To cheer myself up, I got my absolute favorite food ever at A Matter of Health: KABOCHA!

jan 27 2010 025

This was a comfort meal. Times 2. Or maybe 3. And I had a few (small) snacky things like nut butter to make it a real meal. I had it with some new Yogi tea that I got, and I put lots of almond milk in it.

So so good. I am very content now. I’m watching last week’s Biggest Loser on Hulu.

Catch ya later! Have a good night.

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