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My Beverages of Choice

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:49pm

People often ask me what I drink ... which reminds me, hold on a minute ... I have to go put the water on to boil. My answer is (of course) tea ... kukicha tea. Also known as bancha or "twig" tea, because it's made from the twigs of the tea plant instead of the leaves. It has minute amounts of caffeine compared to Image regular tea, so, being sensitive to caffeine, I don't drink it in the afternoon. It comes in tea bags, and in the loose dried tea twigs that can be steeped in hot water. I drink both, but lately I've been buying the tea bags.

My other beverage of choice is ... filtered or spring water!

My daughter told me recently of a friend that gave up corn-syrup sweetened (sugared) beverages at the recommendation of his dentist ... he switched to water and lost 30 pounds in a year! My husband Tom mentioned an article he read in The New York Times about another man that gave up the same non-nutritional drinks (there are many) and lost 100 pounds.

Maybe kukicha and water might be good substitutes! I always keep a few extra tea bags in my car or purse, and I can always find hot water. Simple, easy, healthy.

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