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My Baking Experiment

Posted Nov 18 2013 10:03pm



I have never been known as a baker. But on a few odd occasions, I would be tempted to attempt to bake.

Yesterday was one of those moments.

I was invited to my girlfriend’s home for a nice hot pot dinner and she suggested that I could bring a dessert to round things out. At first I was totally stuck on what I could bring and my brain was racing between the idea of buying something or making something.

In the end, I wanted to make something because in my mind, the gesture of making something is worth a ton more than just picking something up at the store.

Hence, I frantically looked online for “easy”, “fool-proof”, “5 ingredients or less” dessert choices. Then, Pinterest came to the rescue. I remembered a while back that there was a 2-ingredient cake recipe that went totally viral.

I google searched it and so many hits popped out. Reading through people’s success stories, I decided that it would be safe for me to proceed ahead.

I followed the recipe on Hungry Girl’s website and decided to make the variation that used canned pumpkin.

I picked up cake mix and canned pumpkin and got to work immediately. I threw the ingredients together and into the preheated oven and then nervously counted down to when the cake would be done.

The cake baked nicely. The apartment smelled wonderful.

Half way through, I remembered to turn the cake 180 degrees to ensure even browning.

And then I tested the cake’s doneness by inserting a knife into the centre. With previous experience of underbaking cake, I was actually very sceptical of my own ability to test the cake’s doneness but I did my best!

After letting it cool on the wire rack, the moment of truth came!

The cake cut nicely, I gave a small sample to J. He liked it and said that “the crunchy bits on the top was [his] favourite”.

Being my biggest critic, I found the cake slightly dry and so I decided to salvage it by drizzling on a homemade cinnamon caramel as a glaze.

With the glaze, I enjoyed the cake much more. The chocolate-yness still came through nicely but the caramel just added a element of stickiness and extra moisture which makes it it much more decadent. (The reason why the cake looks like there are holes is because I was poking holes with my chopstick to help the glaze soak in the cake…result was so-so though).

I nervously brought my cake to my girlfriend’s place and sneakily told her that J made the cake. With a nice hot cup of coffee, the dessert was well-received.

Phew! My baking experiment is a success!

Anyways, for people out there who having baking-phobia like I do, this 2-ingredient cake recipe can be a real lifesaver!

How do you feel about baking?



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