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My Addictions: Butter, Macs, and Fake Ice Cream

Posted Oct 29 2010 4:35am

Thank you so much for all your well wishes for Bo ! He is doing fine now. He had a urethra blockage and could not pee :( Luckily we caught it in time and the vet was able to unblock him. He’s feeling much better and says *meowThankYoumeow*. (If you are looking for an amazing vet on the UES, call Dr. Cotter .)


Today’s topic… Fun addictions.

Sometimes you should just eat whatever you want and let go trying to be “healthy” all the time. I think I talked about this before – being happy actually has more of an impact on your health than food and fitness. Read more here .

I Love Grilled Cheese

One thing that made my Friday last week was a grilled cheese sandwich that I had for lunch. The ingredients were (I didn’t make it; I bought it at the deli near my office):

  • 2 slices of multigrain bread
  • a few slices of swiss cheese
  • tomatoes
  • lots of butter on the outside to make it crispy

Gosh, I love butter . It’s kind of an addiction. Probably the main reason I could never be a vegan. This was kind of “healthy”, kind of not, and kind of awesome.

My New Computer

In addition to my butter addiction, I also have a…

Mac addiction. Twenty minutes after the press event last week I ordered the new Macbook Air. I love it. It came Wednesday. I love it!

It is so light. So thin. So sleek. So fast. You can actually hold it like that.

My Ice Cream Addiction

Oh yeah. I also have an addiction to almost calorie-free ice cream. It is called Arctic Zero . I have tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Strawberry Banana. Chocolate Peanut Butter is better. I am now on a mission to find Pumpkin! I know it’s very diet-y but I just can’t help myself.

P.S. Are you going to the rally ? We have a concert tonight but we’re heading down to DC tomorrow morning.

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