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My ABC's to Break Free of Sugar & Other Bad Habits (Babits™)

Posted Feb 02 2010 12:00am

Freedom Have you seen my video yet on YouTube, in which I shared My ABC's to Break Free of Your Sugar Habit and Other Bad Habits?

Here's a companion article to give you more information and tips to release your bad habits or what I call babits™.

My ABC's to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Other Bad Habits by Connie Bennett, CPC, CHHC

If you’re like most people, you’re often tempted by gorgeous, mouth-watering, nutrient-poor “treats”—dazzling donuts, colorful cereal or buttered bagels—and other bad habits such as excessive coffee-drinking, negative thinking, procrastinating and obsessive texting. 

As I mentioned on my companion YouTube video, It's certainly understandable if you feel tempted. Wherever you go and wherever you live, you’re inevitably bombarded by unhealthy foods, substances, thoughts and activities.

But I invite you to look inside and decide: Do you feel trapped or imprisoned by your sugar habit or other bad habit (what I call a babit™)?

And are you plagued by baffling health issues such as annoying weight gain, ferocious headaches or even type 2 diabetes?

I’m here to reassure you. You can escape from the prison of a bad habit.

In fact, I respectfully challenge you. Get out from under your sugar habit or other babits™ so that you can have a life that rocks!

You may be wondering WIFY (What's In It For You?) if you overcome your bad habit. You can benefit in many ways!

You can get more energy, concentrate better, lose weight, become more productive, enjoy better relationships and so much more. And, as many clients have delightedly shared with me, if you cut out sugar and refined carbs, you even may be able to boost your libido!

So let me share my Double ABC’s to Break Free of Your Sugar Habit & Other Bad Habits (or what I call Babits™).(In my companion YouTube video, I share some of these tips. You'll find more here.)

A is for Assume & Accept.

Just assume and accept that just about wherever you go, you’ll be tempted.

Your favorite aunt will nudge you to eat her favorite chocolate cake. You have to pass that vending machine at work. And no matter what, you’ll be taunted by candies galore while purchasing sundries at the local drug store. 

But if you prepare for temptations—ones way more unhealthy than apples in the Garden of Eden—you can be prepared and always have healthy snacks on hand such as edamame (soy nuts), pumpkin seeds, hard-boiled eggs and sugar-free crackers or an apple (preferably organic) with almond butter.

B is for Breathe & Bless

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