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Must-haves on the NEW Weight Watchers Plan

Posted Jan 20 2011 12:39pm

Good Morning All! This post is dedicated to the NEW Weight Watchers Plan. I have been following it for about a month or so and haven’t seen results-why is this? Because I have only been following it half way as I previously posted. In the last 2 weeks, I have realized what I must have on this plan and what I can do without-but this post is about what you must have to follow this plan.

  1. Fruit-It really doesn’t matter what kind fo fruit you have because you can have as much of it as you want. I mean really As. Much. Of. It. As. You. Want. All fruit is zero points so make sure to stock up!
  2. Vegetables-This is no different from before-Vegetables=Zero Points. Try to add vegetables to lunch and dinner. I find it works best when you have a small salad with lunch and dinner and always before the rest of your meal. Why do I do this? Because I will fill up on veggies before anything else. I would rather fill up on something good for me vs. something that is only kind of good for me.
  3. MILK (Yogurt, Cottage Cheese)-This is something I rarely got in when I was on the plan before because I wanted to eat other things and not “waste” my points on milk. But, now with the new plan you are given more points so using 4 points a day to get in your dairy isn’t bad at all.
  4. Mulit-vitamins: I am SOOO bad at this because I hate taking pills. Even though I know they are good for me, I still hate it. My solution to mulit-vitamins: Gummy Mulit Vitamins :) They are tasty and it makes me feel like a kid again :)

If you are on the new weight watchers plan, what do you think are must-haves?

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