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Muskmelon and Hybrid Melon Varieties: Best Bets

Posted May 28 2009 10:11pm

Full sun, temperatures at least 70°F, and about 90 days and more will give you rich-tasting melons. Muskmelons and cantaloupes are the same thing, they are known as summer melons. Casabas, Crenshaws, and honeydews are called winter melons because they come to harvest at the end of summer.


Here are flavorful best bet, easy-to-grow melons--both summer and winter melons (added days to maturity)--divided into four categories: orange-fleshed melons; green-fleshed melons; honeydew types; and others.


Keep reading to the bottom of this post and I will give you my tips for melon growing success. Also be sure to check out the  Melons Archive for lots of articles on melon growing.


Orange-fleshed melons:


Ambrosia. 86 days. Very sweet, juicy, distinctive flavor. Uniform, medium-size, nearly round fruit 6-inches in diameter, heavily netted, weighs 4½ to 5. Salmon flesh, thick rind; seed cavity small with tight mass of seeds. Prolific vines. Downy mildew and powdery mildew resistant. Hybrid.


Burpee Hybrid. 82 days. Sweet, flavorful, firm and juicy, excellent quality. Round to slight oval fruit, 6 inches in diameter, heavily netted, distinctly ribbed, weighs 4 to 4½ pounds; deep-orange flesh, thick rind. High yielding vine; produces well in northern regions. Popular with home gardeners. Hybrid.

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