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mushrooms and green tea

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm
While we're on the topic of preventing breast cancer (wouldn't that be SO much better than "fighting" it?), apparently mushrooms and green tea help tremendously.

A study in the International Journal of Cancer (Volume 124 Issue 6, Pages 1404 - 1408) compared over 1000 Chinese women with breast cancer to the same number of women with no history of breast cancer. When the researchers looked at dietary differences, they found that women who consumed mushrooms (fresh or dried) and green tea daily had 81% less risk of breast cancer than those who did not consume mushrooms or greent tea regularly. In particular, women who consumed 10 grams of fresh mushrooms (the equivalent of one small white mushroom) and drank green tea daily had 89% less risk of breast cancer.

I think this study is pretty incredible, considering how few mushrooms are necessary to see such a risk reduction. But it isn't surprising, considering that all plants (whether mushrooms or tea - or kiwi or tomatoes) have powerful compounds known as "phytochemicals" or "phytonutrients". Phyto is latin for "plant", and decades of research have shown us that all plants contain compounds that are beneficial for preventing cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and myriad other chronic illnesses.

In fact, most pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants, using "phytochemicals" that occur in nature. The difference is that in drugs these compounds are isolated and concentrated to a degree that is unnatural. They work, but create unnatural side effects.

So let's get the benefits of plants the old-fashioned way: eating more fruit, veg.s, whole grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils, nuts/seeds). And let's drink green tea to wash them down.
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