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mr. brett -> my friend

Posted May 12 2010 6:25pm

Hello lovelies! Yours truly is a stressed out ball of to-do lists, tasks and general life anxieties so my good friend Brett has graciously stepped in for a very special guest post. This is the very FIRST guest post by one of my friends, and it’s made more special because we’re training for the Madison 1/2 Marathon together! Enjoy this fabulous post, and please show Brett all the love you show me on a daily basis :) .


Hello fellow Healthy Everythingtarian followers – I’m Queen Everythingtarian’s friend Brett Prince Everythingtarian! Today, I will be giving Queen E. a day off from providing us all with motivation and advice on finding a healthy balance in our lives.  Everyday her experiences help us navigate the complex world of food and exercise.  She even finds time to humor us from time to time!

I wanted to share with the Everythingtarian world, my experience preparing for the Madison Half-Marathon .  I use the term preparing on purpose.  Undoubtedly, some of my fellow half-marathoners will describe their preparation for race day as “training.”  I am not convinced this is accurate.  To me, training is for professionals like Adrian Peterson or Usain Bolt or (my favorite) Dwight Howard .  We non-athletes must struggle to find time to prepare our bodies for half-marathons while juggling our work, family, friends and other obligations.

I played high school sports.  I was a running back on my high school football team and I ran track (sorry, no photos!) – neither of which required me to run more than 400 meters at once.  Needless to say, my distance running portfolio is very skimpy.

Prior to preparation for this half-marathon (or as Holly and I refer to it, the half-Mary – things always seem more fun when you give them pet-like names), the most I had run, all at once – outside – in the elements, was a 5K.  My law-school alma mater does a 5K memorial run for a former Dean.  You also might recall how I roped Queen E. into participating in an alumni event for the Tigers earlier this spring .

In law school, I didn’t spend a lot of my free time inbetween studying for classes on running or working out.  I did spend some time tailgating…

Riding on buses going to tailgating…

Licking friends…

And awkwardly grinding up on good friends while dancing…

Going to Cardinals games…

And just being plain silly…

Overall, there was not a whole lot of time spent focusing on my physical well-being.

So, the first thing I needed in order to start preparing for the HM (an even shorter way to refer to the half-Mary) was MOTIVATION. This is the single most important factor in successfully preparing for any race.  There is always going to be good excuses not to do a mid-week run – believe me I have used them.  I will tell myself it’s too cold – my head hurts – I’m tired – I need to run an errand – I’ll do it tomorrow.  Don’t make excuses.  Just do it – Nike-style.

Next, there are some great Internet tools that will help you prepare.  First, Runner’s World has the “Smart Coach.”  (The link to Smart Coach is about half way down the page in the center.)  All I had to do is sign up (it’s free), fill-in some information about myself (the 5K that I had run), plug in a race date and I had a customized training preparing schedule.

I like this, because I am able to keep track of all the progress that I have made…

Next, be sure to utilize Map My Run (MMR).  All I have to do is plug in a certain route and it calculates the distance for me.  This is helpful not only to get the exact distance I am running that day, but it also tells me where the halfway point is on a certain route.  I have found with longer runs I get re-energized when I am over halfway done.

These are a few tools I have used to prepare for my HM.  Not surprisingly, I learned these from Queen E.

As you begin or continue with your preparation, make sure to reserve time for attending fundraisers benefitting at-risk youth with your boyfriend…

And make time to go skiing in Colorado with your brothers and sister…

These are things in my life that give me motivation to be the best Everythingtarian I can.  And when you cross the finish line of the half-Mary in your life, be proud of the important accomplishment that you have completed – I know I will be.

I look forward to giving you all an update after my half-Mary at the end of the month.  Until then, are YOU participating in a half-Mary or other race this summer? I expect to see Everythingtarian Nation crossing finish lines all over!

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