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Motivation to lose weight: 11 tips that work

Posted May 21 2010 9:00am


Maintaining the motivation to lose weight is a topic that is important to think about early on in your journey to a healthy weight.

Few people consider the importance of maintaining the motivation to lose weight and rarely have the mindset necessary to lose weight.

Anytime you take on a new challenge in your life, you’ll be confronted with obstacles. The only way to overcome those obstacles is to find a number of things or activities that will help keep your motivation at peak levels.

When it comes to attaining a healthy weight, knowing what will help maintain the motivation to lose weight will be one of your biggest arsenals to keep you moving forward.

>>> If you’ve never before taken the time to think of ways to keep your motivation to lose weight, I have a list of 11 powerful dieting motivation tips for staying motivated to stick to your weight loss meal plans and fitness plans:

1. Start small with big goals in mind: Trust me on this one, making too many changes at once can be overwhelming and often leave you feeling as though you are depriving (or punishing) yourself. Start small with big goals in mind. It’s much easier to focus on one big goal at a time than 12 smaller goals. You may set for your first week’s goal to cut out soda from your diet and replace it with water. You’ll want to focus on that first instead of trying to cut out soda from your diet at the same as you are also integrating 12 new vegetables you’ve never eaten before. Set weekly goals. Start with cutting out the soda and then the next week, get rid of junk food. If you’ve tried more radical approaches to weight loss meal plans with little success … starting small with big goals in mind might just do the trick.

2. Avoid dramatic changes: This point is to reinforce what I’ve said in point #1. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you do so much at once but you are not fully ready or committed to making all these changes. You want to make sure that you set yourself for success and not failure. When you make so many changes all at once, you put yourself in a situation where you may have big wins that are short lived.

3. Clean your kitchen: You can go about this in two ways: 1) you can clean your kitchen by getting rid of everything that’s inside it at once or 2) you can do a weekly clean-out until you find yourself with a fridge that supports clean eating. Of course, by going at it in one shot you reduce the temptations and junk foods that are calling your name and pushing you to cheat. At the same time, going at it in one go may be difficult mentally. Doing a weekly clean-up of your fridge will allow you to get rid of bad foods and gradually replace them with healthy foods. Here’s another think to keep in mind about doing a weekly clean out … you might find it helps maintain your motivation to lose weight because it’s a weekly activity.

4. Learn to enjoy new foods: It’s going to take time for you to learn to like new foods. The best approach is to integrate new foods slowly. Don’t rush. If you don’t like eating fish … you might need a bit of time to find a fish you actually like. You might hate the taste of sardine, but enjoy sole. You’re going to have to become an explorer of food and not try to change all of your eating habits overnight.

5. Take your lunch with you: If you don’t rely on foods from the food court, your chances of weight loss success will double if not triple. Since you are starting to clean out your fridge and eat healthier foods, it’s the perfect time for you to start bringing your lunch to work with you. Don’t forget to bring healthy snacks as well to replace you former drawer of bad snacks.

6. Don’t walk around famished: You’ll never attain any of your goals if you spend your time walking around starved because you’ll be tempted to grab whatever food is more convenient … and that usually is NOT salad. You should either grab a small healthy snack before leaving your home or office or make sure you have one in your bag. This will reduce your chances of being tempted by foods you know you shouldn’t eat. Getting off track can seriously damage your motivation to lose weight because you can become quite discouraged when you cheat. Keep yourself on the right track by not walking around starving!

7. Avoid feeling hungry: This is really a point to reinforce what I just wrote. Along with walking around with healthy snacks, you really want to eat every three to four hours to avoid that sensation of starvation. Not only will you reduce the chances of cheating, but eating more frequently will also help boost your metabolism steady and you won’t feel hungry.

8. A few indulgences are good: Even if you are trying to stick to a weight loss meal plan to attain a healthy weight, make sure that you still allow yourself a few indulgences here and there. Now, I’m NOT talking about eating an entire chocolate cake, but you may still have to enjoy a small brownie here and there. You want to keep indulgences to no more than 10% of your diet and to keep eating healthy 98.9% of the time.

9. Burn it off: The best way to keep motivated is to see the changes on your body and the best way to see changes it to burn off more calories than you ingest. If you’ve had a bad food day (aka, you’ve eaten foods you know you shouldn’t have), work it off. Don’t forget … if you don’t like the gym … find another fitness activity that you like.

10. Drink more water: It might be weird to think of water as a motivator, but water will help eliminate toxins from your body and you’ll start seeing the changes on your body. You don’t want to keep drinking soda drinks when replacing them with water will help you drop weight almost effortlessly. Those are the types of subtle changes that really boost your metabolism.

11. Portion control is key: I’m not a big fan of weighing your food. That said, I do believe that you need to restrict your portions. If you ever eat out in North America … it’s crucial that you not feel obliged to finish everything that’s on your plate because most of those portions are simply humongous. I know many advocate eating on a smaller plate to control your portions, but I feel that it can become a crutch. The idea is to learn how to eat in normal size plates, but not pile up food 10 feet high. That said, if you’re having a tough time setting limits when it comes to how much food you put on your plate, then you might want to start off with a smaller plate so that you can train your mind and your body into consuming less food. As you reduce your portions, you start seeing the weight come off … and there is no great motivation than seeing your efforts pay off!

Motivation to lose weight is a key element in your success to attaining a healthy weight. To do so, you’ll have to find small daily or weekly wins to help you move along the way.  The list above includes only 11 suggestions to help keep your motivation to lose weight at peak levels … but there might be other tricks that work for you. Don’t be shy in sharing some of the tricks you use to keep you motivated to reach your healthy weight goals.

>>> Are you looking for a little extra motivation?

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