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Most social functions today seem ...

Posted Jun 18 2009 2:10am

Most social functions today seem to revolve around food and/or drink.

I believe there’s a time and place for everything, and it’s up to us how we choose to handle the options at these gatherings. We don’t need to embrace them or shun them, but rather find a comfortable balance among them.

Wine bars, coffee houses, and jazz clubs aren’t going to disappear. There will always be office donuts, holidays, Girl Scout cookie sales, farmers’ market samples, pizza parties, weddings and backyard BBQs to attend, Girls’ Nights Out, date nights, etc. And you can pretty much bet that someone is always going to bring in baked goods for birthdays, regardless of your age.

Yet every day doesn’t have to be a total “treat.” There will always be another party, another picnic, another carnival.

So why do we, as Americans, find the need to indulge, seemingly all day, every day?

Even if we’re not watching our weight and are truly living in the moment and really grabbing life by the horns, do we need to make every day into a food-fest, free-for-all?

Can’t we learn to have a little of this and a little of that and just enjoy it for what it is? Kind of like how the French do it? (Speaking of, I loved that book, Why French Women Don’t Get Fat )

I think if more Americans knew how to flex their “resistance muscle,” maybe that would be the case. (more…)

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