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More Reasons Why Raw & Whole Grain Foods Are Healthier For You.

Posted by TC Patient Expert

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Raw Food  & Whole Foods are the fundamental foundations of basic human nutrition.   Think about it, since the beginning of time and especially since the beginning of recorded human history these were the staples of human consumption. Going back to hunter gatherer tribes, they depended on what they could forage in the wild as it was sometimes difficult to always obtain something in the hunt. So we learned to select, isolate, harvest, farm, and nurture raw whole foods.

Research continues to grow seeking insights into the benefits of whole foods and the substances found in these whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. One report in this realm was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Sept 2003. The Cornell University research food scientist Rui Hai Liu studied 8000 antioxidants and other chemicals found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.   The bottom line, they found that these naturally occurring compounds (phytonutrients etc.) synergistically combine naturally to become more biologically available to human cells, organs, and tissues than any single nutrient or pill. For example, one medium apple has about 6 milligrams of vitamin C but coupled with the other antioxidants contained in the apple – quercietin, procyanidins, charcchin and epicatcchin- the apple has as much antioxidant activity as 1500 mg of vitamin C supplements but also has quality fiber.   The same goes for whole grains. Whole grain products contain compounds in the cell wall of the grain that was believed to be indigestible and only acted as a good fiber source.   About 90% of these compounds remain intact in the grain passing through the stomach and small intestine undigested. Liu discovered that many bound compounds are released in the colon. Especially of value is the fact that compounds in whole wheat have potent antioxidant and anticancer properties that can profoundly affect the health of the colon.   The overly processed wheat grain into milled refined chemically altered white bread products removes these vital nutrients. This results in the bread products being virtually non-nutritive and potentially harmful to your digestive health as well as overall increasing your susceptibility to intolerances, allergies, and bowel dysfunction. So bottom line here is go ahead, eat more of those apples and have a whole grain sandwich with organic nut butter along with it and pass on the high fructose corn syrup laden pseudo fruit filling bar and wonder bread bologna sandwich. 


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