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More Diners Drive ins and Dives A Drop Top Culinary Cruise Through Americas Finest and Funkiest Joints

Posted Aug 03 2010 7:33pm

More Diners Drive ins and Dives A Drop Top Culinary Cruise Through Americas Finest and Funkiest Joints

Book Description

Join New York Times bestselling author and Food Network star Guy Fieri for a second helping of the best diners, drive-ins, and dives across America!

Guy Fieri strikes again with More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, giving you a road map to road food that’s earned its culinary citizenship in “Flavortown.” Join Guy on a cross-country noshing parade, mapping out the best places you’ve never heard of—more than fifty establishments off the beaten path. Compete in a (no hands) apple-pie-eating contest at Bobo Drive-In in Topeka, Kansas, dip your taste buds in Sweet Spicy Love sauce at Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken in Memphis, Tennessee, and get a load of the killer four-cheese mac-and-cheese at Gorilla Barbeque in Pacifica, California. Filled with Guy’s hilarious voice and rampant enthusiasm for these hidden culinary gems, More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is the perfect book for lovers of the American food scene and fans of Triple D.

Pleasure Cruising Through More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives by Guy Fieri

Dear Amazon Customers,

My drop-top culinary cruise to America’s most fun and funkiest joints is the adventure we’re all looking for–and I’m having the time of my life. I’m glad to get out there because it reminds me of what a great country we have. I have five restaurants of my own (three Johnny Garlic’s and two Tex Wasabi’s), and as a chef and restaurant owner, let me tell you, it’s a tough business. You really have to love it to keep with it. I thought having my own restaurants in Northern California’s wine country couldn’t be beat, but sharing these mom and pop joints across the country and highlighting not just their food but their stories is probably the greatest experience I’ve ever had. And on top of it all, the show results in an increase in their business and ends up changing their lives. We get stories emailed to us all the time: I opened a second location, I bought the building, I bought my wife a new Mercedes.

One of these folks was Gorilla Rich, owner of Gorilla Barbeque in Pacifica, California. I met him while at a NASCAR race, and I knew this guy had to be on television. I didn’t even know he had a barbeque restaurant at the time, so I wasn’t even thinking of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I even called my producer from the track and said, “I met this dude and we’ve got to get him on television.” Long story short, turns out he’s doing some slammin’ BBQ, we end up highlighting his restaurant on the show, and things are blown out! They’ve got a second smoker now and are looking into another location. Gorilla and I have become really good buddies, so when I’m home in California he’ll drive up to my house and we’ll hang out. Making these connections is one of the neatest things about doing the show. It can’t happen with all of them, of course, but at some of the locations–like Voula’s, Panini Pete’s, Grinders, Luigi’s Pizzeria, and Hodad’s–these people have become really close friends. And it’s not that we’re great friends because I came to shine a light on them and change opportunities for their business, it’s because they’re brothers from another mother. We’re all in this industry to make people happy, that’s what we love to do. So when you find these other brothers that are out there doing that same thing, it’s a culinary family reunion in flavortown.

3 Stars Diners and Drive-ins
I was disappointed. I thought it would be a discription of the places he visited and it would list their featured items. When actually it was a few places he visited and recipes.

4 Stars Great for Travelers
As RV’ers we are always looking for places to “eat out” when we’re on the road. Guy’s tips will be great for us since we like off-beat out of the way places.

3 Stars Great seller, quick – book is fine
The seller is super – 5 stars. The book is less great only because it is more talk and fewer recipes. Not all of the recipes shared in 2009 on TV are in this book, just some and they tend to be heavy meat dishes. Nonetheless, it is a good book.

4 Stars More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
The kitschy style of this book is what adds to it’s appeal. It is just as “Off the hook” as it’s author. While there are many places Guy has reviewed, it would be nice if he could include a few more recipes from some of the places, even if ‘his take’ on some are slightly different. (I realize that most of these recipes are proprietary, which makes the ‘diner, drive-in or dive’ the place that it is,) but I would still like to see more recipes included. Also, a “state by state” index would make finding the restaurants a little easier, instead of sifting through the masses.

Bottom line: I would buy it again, make no mistake!

3 Stars Where’s the map?
I really liked this book. Great stories for every place. But, my biggest problem was trying to find these on a map. I just did a drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Connecticut and wanted to stop at some of the locations, but trying to find them on a map, and seeing if they were on the way became so cumbersome that I gave up. If they had a map of each state with the location of each place- just one in the front of the book, I could have seen which might be on our route and would have definitely have vistited, or even revised the route to go.

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