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More Cheese Please

Posted Jun 16 2008 4:03am


 Cereal boy can make omelets all by himself now.  He is most likely annoyed by me however, because I insist on hovering, correcting, and barking orders all along the way. I just need to let go a little, let him make mistakes, possibly even get burned a time or two to make his childhood a little more interesting.  Every waking minute this poor kid has is completely choreographed by his overbearing mother.

But we love omelets cause….we love Cheese!!!  Who doesn’t.  I already posted last week one alternative cheese we tried and loved.  This week we ate someRice Cheese from galaxy foods!  You heard me, cheese that was actually made from rice.  With 0 grams of transfats, and 1 gram of saturated fat per 1/3 cup, it melted so well!  It was hard to believe.  My kids didn’t notice a difference between this cheese, and their regular Colby-Jack.  They love omelets, so we made omelets.  It was already shredded for us, we sprinkled it on the eggs, and ate it up.  It’s definitely worth giving a try to.  And if it can help us cut back on our saturated fat, it’s worth it.

Dr. Fuhrman, author ofDisease Proof your Child(one of my favorite books) had this to say about cheese.  “Besides sugar, butter and cheese contribute the most calories to children’s diets in America.  The food with the highest saturated fat content in the American diet is butter and cheese”.  Instead of all of their calories coming from these sources, the ideal diet is one that includes food with a high nutrient-per-calorie ratio.  According to Dr. Fuhrman, the foods with the most nutrients per calorie are vegetables and beans!!


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