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More Broccoli please!

Posted May 04 2009 3:42pm


MONDAY: Fruits and Vegetables

It has been proposed that it may not be meat and cheese that is causing high cholesterol and obesity, it could just be that meat and cheese is pushing the fruits and vegetables off of your plates!!  PARENTS? Is this true? Has a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich replaced your vegetables?  Is it because you don’t know how to make your vegetables taste good? Do you overcook? Are they bitter? Do you not know what complements a good veggie dish? 

Your family will eat something if it tastes good!  Food is more than the nutrients they provide. Food is also for pleasure and enjoyment (that was for you Tia:) )  Learn to prepare these foods!  Make it your goal to get better at preparing vegetables so they are palatable to your little guys.

You say you already know this? You say,  “ But Amy, I’ve tried! My kids won’t eat their veggies!” 

I KNOW, I KNOW! I’ve had much rebellion this past two weeks.  We have slowly moved in the last two years from a 20% plant based diet, to a 50% plant based diet… Slowly, but with much success.

However in the last two weeks I’ve gone a little nuts and tried to bring my family up to 80% plant based diet. (My ultimate goal).  But the resistence has been frustrating. The weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth has caused me to relent and return to 50%.

However, one vegetable that is easy to make tastes delicious is Broccoli.  My family actually does like broccoli raw, sauteed or steamed.  But when I read my sister-in-law Beth’s blog about how they roasted their broccoli, it looked great.  And it WAS! It has the perfect mix of tender, yet crispy.  Click here for directions.  I’ve probably made it 4 times in one week.

Your goal for the week!  Find one snack or meal that you will add broccoli to this week. Here are some ideas from other Broccoli Posts:

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